Maya was in all night and was amazingly quiet and calm. She is very licky just like Sasha. The alarm dragged me into the day so I got up and prepared the dogs. Sasha, Isabella and Obi were outside.

There was a van in the car park the previous evening when I went out on the extra walk. They have a dog but it was inside this morning. The girls were still energetic but less so than the previous evening. We found the German guy from Kiel sitting out watching the sunrise and we went to see him on the way out with the girls and the ball. He and his wife have enjoyed their stay and will be moving on to Thessaloniki today. He says they’ll be back before long.

I went out on my bike over Panorama with a brief stop at EKO to return a plastic food container which Maria gave to me the previous evening containing gemista from Martha. I was very grateful for the food as things were very busy later in the day. I had no need of shopping so went straight back to the camping, fed the dogs and did my rounds of the camping.

There have been two arrivals today. Both single men with campers who are in the area near to the restaurant kitchen. They have paid to stay for a month.

Kirsti and Jorma have left to go to Agios Nikolaos. Siiri is struggling and they want to refill their gas cylinders. They know the vet down there and the plan is to save Siiri from struggling on. They will return at some point next week.

I’ve moved the Bar East AP back to be Bar West as there is no one using the bar or the beach for that matter. The plan is to buy some more APs to improve signal around the camping, once they become available.

The camping looked a little empty earlier in the day but things are starting to improve. Rain is forecast from Saturday night with a significant amount predicted at present. The weather has been beautiful for the past week so I suspect this will mark the end of it.

I left the girls outside after I’d fed them as Sasha and Maya can get a little lively. They seem very quiet and Isabella managed to get the chair so is the most comfortable of the three. Perhaps they wore each other out today.

I’ve not kept up with the paperwork so need to do that before I forget things.

The early morning was fresh but there was no wind to speak of. The day soon warmed up once the sun came out. Summer is probably about to come to an end tomorrow.


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