Guy Fawkes

It was a surprisingly calm, clear and warm morning for our walks. A few clouds littered the sky but otherwise it was very pleasant. We completed the first walk without undue fuss then I took the girls and the ball out to play.

Isabella found another ball whist on the beach which luckily replaced the rather decrepit offering with which we’d set off. She and Maya were the most active as Maya is keen on the ball too. Surprisingly, Isabella, who usually so jealously guards the ball against all-comers, didn’t appear too concerned when Maya picked it up and brought it to me.

I rode to Paleochora via Panorama stopping at the bakery and Petrakis. For a Saturday, it didn’t seem too busy. I chatted with Eleanor who was on the checkout. She told me she was looking forward to not having to get out of bed as it was the first Sunday Petrakis would be closed since the spring.

I rode back with my shopping to release and feed the dogs. I loafed around a little and drank tea before going out to see Frank who wished to move his caravan. Georgia, I discovered from Maria, has covid so it holed-up with friends in Athens. She is particularly paranoid about having covid and, of course, Martha must never know. I wonder where Georgia’s paranoia comes from?

The couple in T3 left and I saw them off from reception. The Dutch couple also left as there’d been some mixup with ferry bookings which they needed to rectify. Frank waited to see if he would receive the go-ahead to move his van down next to the bar.

I amused myself downloading the app for Litsa’s new TP-Link camera. It’s part of a very extensive collection of smart home devices. Manolis expected Litsa to arrive in the later afternoon. They are going to a memorial service for one on Manolis’ relatives early Sunday morning.

A Greek woman arrived and decided to take T1 after much discussion. Apparently, she expects his son and girlfriend to visit however I’m assured they will not stay. I connected guest-Maria to Maria as it was far too complicated for me to unravel. I’d already spoken to Maria about not having a sensible price list for the new season as one of the customers had asked me about taking Ξ2 for a month or more.

I spent much of the middle of the day wandering around the camping until finally, I was able to inform Frank that he could move his van down to the bar as Georgia had made a decision.

As rain was expected, I spent time moving things into shelter, covered my bike, dragged in the dog blankets and repaired the broken elastics on the southern sunblocker. In retrospect, It might have been an idea to put up some of the sides but this rain should only be with us for a day. I’ve moved anything important towards the middle, so the space is even more cluttered than usual. Ideally, I would have moved much of the clutter into the storeroom however Tony was busily collecting up the tables, benches and litter bins to put them under cover. Tony has organised both the storeroom and workshop to provide more storage space.

I’d get the DDs ready and was awaiting the rice so wandered into the camping to discover the German guy with the Setra parked by the camping entrance. He explained his wife had returned to German for a week or so leaving him with the two young boys. I showed him around once we’d managed to get his enormous vehicle into the camping without undue destruction to his van or the camping infrastructure.

Hot on his heels was another couple in an older van who were, they said, on a reconnaissance mission but might come back to stay that night or another day. They saw what they needed to see and left. I suggested they just pitch up if they felt so inclined.

The dogs were eventually fed, I made my own food then went up to set up Litsa’s camera as I didn’t fancy the idea of being dragged out to do it later. The registration and installation using the IOS platform was straightforward but not so with Android. I ended up setting up Litsa’s account on my phone which was easier in English with the IOS interface. I left to rejoin the dogs and get something to eat.

I stuffed my face then fell asleep in front of The Box…

A mostly warm and sunny day which became chilly in the evening. Rain didn’t fall during the night as predicted.


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