Wet Feet

The rain forecast for the night and the early morning didn’t materialise so I was able to get the dogs out and complete the walks without getting too wet. There had been no rain and the wind was from the south so the first walk was fine except for the angry sea breaking over the rocks and the causeway. The lagoon was filling up. Passing over the causeway was interesting but I was wearing my barefoot shoes so didn’t care if I got wet feet. The waves were coming over thick and fast.

The sea was very angry on the Alonaki side. The ABB’s boardwalks were in danger of being washed away. They had been rolled up but not put under cover. I dragged them up the beach on my way back. The umbrella poles at Azzupo were in the sea so we walked some of the way up the beach in the surf. Tomorrow, if the sea is calmer, we should have a nice sandy walk up Alonaki.

There had been frequent lightning flashes as we walked. They were far away so we could see the light but not hear the thunder. The sky was becoming blacker and the wind was getting up. We didn’t bother trying the rocks and the causeway and hastened back to the camping. It was just about to rain when we came back into the compound.

I put the boys inside and made some tea. The rain continued and there was some thunder so I sat down and wrote my blog from Saturday night. Finally, the rain subsided so I took the girls out with a couple of balls. The three girls had fun together, fooling around and chasing the ball. There was a little more rain but nothing too penetrating.

I decided to tour the camping to check how many circuits had tripped out due to the rain. There had been some repositioning of vehicles. Freddy from Belgium moved his VW T3 alongside the bar near to Frank. I see they have set themselves up in the restaurant area and had been having fun.

The sun broke through as the day progressed. It warmed up and the sky became mostly blue. The woman in T1 left and no one replaced her. I’d taken her money so…

I tinkered about and put the moving message in the office. Otherwise, it looks as though I’ve not done a lot other than the DDs.

Following a damp start to the day, it got warmer with plenty of sunshine. Easy to see when it started to rain!

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