Burial Party

The alarm went and we were soon out. It rained in the night so it felt cold and the sand was hard as we walked to the end of the Promontory. The sea had reorganised Alonaki Beach. In some places it was easier to walk as the shingle had been replaced by wet sand. In others, the sea had moved the larger stones along the shore making the going hard. There was a swathe of sand at Azzuro and some of the umbrella poles had been taken up and put up by the little kanteena.

I returned with the first shift and set off with the second. Isabella couldn’t find her ball so we went without. I wanted to get back as I had a washing machine to put in for Frank at 09:00 and wanted to ride my bike and buy bread.

I went over Panorama stopping only at the bakery and back with time to spare before the washing machine. It transpired Frank had quite a bit of washing with now adorns various locations around the camping.

I fed the dogs, made some tea then sat down for a while to check emails and so-on. The morning drifted by. I met Frank to reclaim his washing, Kirsti and Jorma returned and there was a German woman at reception who wanted prices to stay. She’s currently paying 30€/night for an apartment in Paleochora and seemed unimpressed with the idea of paying 11€ to live in her tent. I explained that if she stayed for a longer period I could do a better price but she has only a few days until she has to return her rental car.

The remainder of my day was taken up with sorting things out in the storeroom and welcoming a German couple from Hamburg whose van registration is HH HH xxxx. They are parked by the beach and will stay a few nights before taking the boat back to the mainland and then home.

Jorma and Kirsti have brought Siiri back to the camping so we’re about to go to the Promontory to bury her next to Dave and Boris.

Siiri is now buried alongside Dave and Boris. There has been little rain so the sand below the surface was dry making digging difficult when the hole kept collapsing. Hopefully, we dug deep enough the Siiri will remain in the ground and not be dug up!

After a chilly start, a warm and sunny day.


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