Cleaning the storeroom

The moon is full so it was great to be able to see where I was going without relying on my torch all the time. The sea was quieter but the beach is still complicated to navigate due to the recent redesign over the weekend.

The walk went without incident and the dogs managed to get back almost together. Only Luis was straggling a little but he arrived just as I was about to set off with the girls.

We took the ball and found another so I kept them busy dashing up and down the Big Beach. I carted some stones to put on Siiri’s grave and pushed sand about to make it look as though it’s not a grave.

I went straight to Petrakis as I wanted to save my energy for clearing some of the mess in the storeroom. This is a job which is well overdue as I’ve forgotten about half the stuff I have stored there. It was a mucky business. I’ve thrown more stuff away and reorganised what’s left. Most of the stuff which has been on the decking has now relocated into the storeroom.

Kirsti and Jorma took Isabella and Sasha for a walk and I think they all enjoyed themselves. I was still clearing out the storeroom.

Jorma plans to measure the decking tomorrow then produce a design for windows. I eventually received a reply from Thule but they don’t sell the awning sides as spares.

I feel quite tired and need to go for a shower as I’m filthy.

Warm and sunny for most of the day.


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