The moon was high in the sky but looking just a little smaller than the day before. There was a gentle breeze and it was cool. There were no vehicles, just the usual dogs barking in the distance. Luis was waiting as we walked back from Plakaki – a bridge too far for Luis.

I brought the girls out with the ball so they could have fun running around after it. Isabella was moderately active but is getting an extra walk with Jorma and Kirsti so not quite so explosively excited as usual.

I rode over Panorama to the bakery and then back to Grammeno to feed the dogs. I got on with repairing the awning rail so I could put the sun blocker back as it was too warm under the awning without it. There were plenty of flies to begin with but the ceiling fan discouraged them.

I performed a few IT tasks and wrote a couple of emails. Kirsti and Jorma came to look at the awning area to come up with a way of replacing the awning tent. I think some plexiglass panel will provide the best solution. I’ve explored suppliers and need to contact a company in Chania which supplies sheets of polycarbonate as well as metal.

There was one arrival. The German woman who came the other day. She paid for one night but may stay until Friday.

The weather has been sunny all day and I found a group of punters sunning themselves on the beach but it was too cold for me!

A cool start but warm and sunny all day


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