More Cleaning!

It seemed very warm as we left the gate but it was cooler once on the beach. No excitements today with an uneventful walk followed by the ‘lady’s’ walk with the ball. The sun was rising as we crossed the rocks but some cloud near the eastern horizon made it appear darker despite the moon.

I went out on my bike once I’d put some washing in the machine for myself, just for a change. I had wash for a customer later so needed to get in first. I went over Panorama stopping at Petrakis for the dogs and for me. I was early enough to avoid the Saturday business. I was pleased that the other scales has returned to the vegetable department so it’s possible to see how much you’re paying for each order.

I went back along the cycleway and had a brief chat with Antonis who is getting on well with his barrier fence construction. I took out my wash and put in another for the customer in the Setra. I had to fend off a caller who wanted Maria’s number. Something about a duplicate bank payment during the season. I understand the matter has been dealt with by Georgia. The nice man should be pleased I intervened on his behalf.

Soon after, the nice young ladies who called yesterday about renting Ξ1 arrived so I had to navigate them to their accommodation. At the same time, the couple in the VW announced their imminent departure tomorrow so I said I’d come to sort out their bill. Freddy from Belgium decided to leave even though he’d paid for a month. I refunded the balance and said he’d be welcome to return.

I bumped into Tony and reported the spring from the drains yesterday. He investigated the lower sump to discover the pump was unable to operate due to the amount of fat/oil/grease from the kitchen. I declared him chief of the drains and left it for him to sort out. We just need the big lorry to come to suck it all out. It’ll be exciting for Frank who insisted on parking his caravan right next to the restaurant. He dare not complain as I warned him when we discussed the matter before he went there. The sump needs to be sucked out more frequently or an interceptor put between the kitchen to take off the fat etc. Yum!

I finally go to Jorma and Kirsty who invited me to watch a product video from a Finnish company which manufactures very good decking blinds. These make the decking area habitable all year around in this location and extend its usefulness elsewhere. We’re going to have a measure-up, get a price and likely place an order. Jorma will make necessary modifications to the metalwork and carry out the installation. I might even extend the covered area to the full extent of the decking at the east end. There is an interesting product video in Finnish but that matters little.

I managed to prepare the DD’s albeit late as I was running out of day due to all the interruptions and generally washing and putting stuff away. I’ve not managed to make my bed so I have that excitement at bedtime!

There was a 40% possibility of rain in the late afternoon so there were some largely cloudy periods. The earlier part of the morning was bright and sunny.


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