Speedex Delivers!

Bona came late afternoon to clean T1/T3. She’s been busy in the tomato greenhouses so is delighted to have to come to clean after a hard day’s work. Both are ready for occupation however I’ve not heard from Maria so no one may come. I had a call earlier from someone who wants a small cabin for tomorrow.

I watched a complex and bloody Inspector George Gently so it will be interesting to see who’s still alive next series. Martin Shaw plays Gently. I was not in bed late as the day had been busy.

I was awake around four due to dogs moving around. I drifted in and out of consciousness until the alarm at 04:35. The morning was mild and reasonably still. The moon bright and almost overhead negating the use of the torch. I must look up which planets are around in the early morning.

I took the girls and the ball for the second walk and was on the rocks as the sun rose at 06:58. It was a lovely morning.

There were sheets and towels to hang up for Bona as I expect it was late before she left yesterday. All nicely folded in the laundry room now.

I rode over Panorama to the bakery for some bread then back along the road. I went out on the cycle path as there were no pedestrians or runners.

Frank called to say water was spurting from one of the waste water cleaning points in the lower part of the camping. I didn’t find Tony who was out but I eventually traced the problem to a stuck cistern in T1 which has presumably running since Bona left last evening.

I needed to find some other winter shorts so investigated the cupboard where they’ve been stored during the summer. Some horrid mouse nibbled each vacuum bag except one and left a mess. I dragged everything out, cleared up the mess and exchanged some of the summer stuff for winter wear. I still have more clothes to dispose of as some have not seen the light of day in ages.

A call from Speedex announced the arrival of an order placed at the beginning of October for batteries for the doggy flashing lights. Speedex is a misnomer for their ability to deliver. The package from China, ordered ages ago, has disappeared without trace. I’d not use Speedex given the choice.

I got the vacuum out and sucked up some more mosquitoes roosting in the van. I cleared up some more cobwebs and encouraged the spider to be more proactive as regards mosquitoes and drowsy flies.

The under-awning temperature exceeded 28ºC at one point so it was a pity I was cleaning and not sitting enjoying the sunshine.

A warm and sunny day for the time of year.


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