Faulty BMS

A short Sunday lie-in of fifteen minutes meant it was after five when we walked across the field under the moonlight. It was cool with a gentle breeze. The sky was clear and the moon was bright.

A fisherman approached the car park as we walked back. He was to be found on the rocks when Isabella and Sasha went on their walk.

I rode over Panorama and stopped at the bakery for a ‘black’ bread then back to the camping to put a wash on for Kirsti. I sat down with some tea once the dogs were fed. The morning was turning out warm and sunny.

I noticed the power was off when I was putting the boys in the van. Paleochora and Kountoura were plunged into darkness around six. This is no phenomenon for a Sunday morning. It transpired my batteries hadn’t been working for several days and Grid power had been used when there was no PV. The Battery Management System device had failed. I removed it so will need to keep track of things more carefully until a replacement arrives. The inverter is quite protective of the batteries and each one has a separate device to balance them as required. The BMS provides the batteries with a number of protective measures but so does the inverter. I need to replace it but now have a deeper understanding of what’s available as well as new technology which provides loads of useful information.

There was a number of small tasks including falling asleep and more tea. I went to say farewell to the nice German couple who are returning home having stayed longer than intended. The young ladies who were in Ξ1 were not about but I caught up with them later. They seem to have enjoyed a girlie weekend together.

I fiddled with cameras and did a little more programming on the software to give me alerts when there’s activity by the barrier. A woman accosted me on the beach to ask about her daughter and partner who wish to stay next winter and leave their van whilst they travel.

Stephanie came later to say hello but didn’t manage to catch Frank who may have been hiding. She’s here for a couple of weeks so she says.

The young ladies left in a taxi around four and Tony stacked some sun beds with the help of an Albanian friend. It’s been all go at Grammeno.

Warm and sunny with people loafing on the beach much of the day.


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