Dodgy Connection

A large black Nissan 4×4 and an even larger white caravan from Austria were parked opposite our private exit from the field to the beach road. They were sensible campers as they had a very advanced container to collect the grey water from their kitchen. They were suitably sniffed and inspected and we moved on to the more important matter of going for our walk.

Other than a chilly breeze when walking to Plakaki, the sky was clear and the moon shone brightly. I took back the boys then went out with the two girls and the ball. As usual, the sun was rising as I crossed the rocks. Beautifully orange today.

I rode over Panorama and stopped for a chat with Stephanie who was just about to set off on her bike for Petrakis. We rode together and I left her to do her shopping as I will shop tomorrow.

I released and fed the dogs then made tea before sitting down for a while. It wasn’t long before the sound of the postman’s motorbike filled the air. There was a package for Frank and some mail for the camping. I went to the office to scan and send the documents to Maria and Georgia.

Some of the day escaped me but I found time to do some measuring and to work out how I can install the intended new decking sides for the awning area. The plan includes putting a side up to seal off the van which will drastically improve conditions on the decking whilst still giving access to the van. Hopefully, hot air trapped on the decking area during the day will warm up the van and the south-facing side of the van will benefit from a pocket of air between the plastic and the van sides.

There were more hiccups with the batteries and I found a dodgy connection where the heavy cables enter the inverter. This would explain the overheating incident which occurred when Janne and Erica were here. I will have to get a proper hydraulic crimping tool and make up some new cables between the batteries and the inverter.

I want to have the batteries in a metal frame with perhaps wheels. The inverter attached to the end of the frame and the whole assembly able to be moved as necessary. More thought is still required.

Kirsti and Jorma went on an outing to Chania with Anke where they did some shopping. Good news for the dogs as they will have lots of fresh cauliflower leaves in their DD’s tomorrow.

Cooler than yesterday but still warm and sunny with occasional windy periods.


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