There was an extra dog on our morning walks. Iera was waiting patiently outside the field gate, ready to go and have some fun with the gang. The same 4×4 and caravan combination was in the same place. It was still and mild with a clear, stary sky.

The second walk involved the potty females chasing each other round and round some bushes until the three were panting. The ball was thrown so there was plenty of running around.

I gave Obi to Jorma and sidled off over Panorama to Petrakis to order dog food, which arrived later, and some stock for the fridge. The run back along the cycle path was pleasant as I gazed out over the Libyan Sea in the warm air and sunshine.

I let Obi back in having been delivered by Jorma and pandered to by Kirsti. Obi knows how to make himself at home and push the correct buttons.

Obi making himself at home.

I fed them all and made tea for myself before sitting down in the sunshine for a little while. The next task was the DD’s for later. I had plenty of dogs to make sure I was doing it correctly.

Jorma and Kirsti came to talk about the decking project. I understand it’s possible to extend the decking although the sail shade will have to go in order to achieve this. We looked at the metal left over from previous projects and reckon there should be enough to make a start at least. Maybe some of the supports will be a little oversize but I can live with that.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to level the van and move it away from the decking. I wasn’t entirely successful in my mission as the concrete blocks under the van appear to be a lot heavier than they were when I positioned them a few years ago. I need to move the concrete blocks to the rear crossmember and then put packing into either end to level up the van as it appears to have crept towards the decking due to settlement, wind and dog-erosion. They’ve had a lot of fun digging under the van which has caused the loose material to disappear in some places. I may ask Jorma to help tomorrow. Even though he’s a couple of years older than me, he’s a lot stronger. I now have a clearer plan as to what’s needed.

The dogs have been fed. Only Iera and Obi are outside so I’m playing doggy hopscotch as usual as Isabella and Sasha are spreadeagled over the floor. Radio Paradise is playing ‘Hold Your Head Up’ which I’ve not heard in ages. It’s still as good as it was all those years ago. Didn’t we just love the Moog Synthesiser in those days?

There is talk of rain from Thursday so I’m going to have to start checking the forecasts more regularly.

Sunny and warm but still.


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