I watched S1E1 of Cadfael before bed and found it good fun even after all this time. The other day I saw an episode of The Professionals with Geoffrey Palmer playing a criminal mastermind and David Suchet as a Belgian/French mercenary. Both looked very young indeed and David spoke with a French accent! Practice for Poirot.

Speed was the order of the day so we were passing through the gate around four-fifty! It was partly cloudy and the moon was obscured by the clouds much of the time. Despite being noisy, the sea wasn’t coming over the causeway except very occasionally.

With the familiar landmarks put away for the winter it’s more difficult to navigate in the dark. Skinny’s light battery was very low so his light was not as bright as it is usually. He has new batteries now! He makes a good navigational aid.

I took the girls out with the ball. They ran around wildly but harmlessly, chasing each other not paying much attention to the ball which Isabella abandoned at one point. They enjoyed their run and I the sunrise.

I rode over Panorama to the bakery and then Petrakis for some groceries. Mostly vegetables I’d forgotten from the day before.

After a quick visit to the office, I fed the dogs and put on another wash for Jan in the Setra. He was dismantling the front brake when I took the wash to them later.

Meanwhile, I had a cup of tea and did some camping admin. Later, I levelled up the front of the van which had moved too close to the decking as a result of the rear being pushed out. Hardly surprising really. The van is more level and more stable than it’s ever been. The front-right is resting on two concrete sleepers with a concrete block on top. There are two more sleepers on the other side so I propose to put another concrete block there to balance it out. The van will then be supported at four points so should remain still under most conditions.

As I was preparing my supper, Olivia, who used to clean here, arrived with another in a car. Georgia asked me to put them in Ξ1 and she didn’t require a tour of the facilities even though there has been quite a bit of change since she worked here.

Bona came in earlier to clean the toilets and the kitchens. She looked pretty tired so will clean T1 another time.

The dogs are mostly in the van and I’m currently sharing the rear seat with Skinny, Fido and Luis in order of distance. Oskar is on the left side bench leaving Isabella and Sasha on the floor. I think Obi is in the driver’s footwell, much to my surprise as he’s usually outside under the decking.

Amazingly warm and sunny for the latter part of November.


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