Tent Sides Up

No rain was forecast but it was still a little cloudy at times however our first walk was uneventful.

The girls were particularly active so plenty of chasing around, bathing in the sea and also in the lagoon. It was quite windy as the southerly wind had changed to easterly: but at least it wasn’t coming over the causeway.

I trained my brain, gave Obi to Jorma and went up the mountain and then around Paleochora via Panorama. No stops today as I had a full loaf of bread from the night before and Petrakis was closed. Bulldozers are working in the area right next to the PAWS Puppy Pound which now looks abandoned. The Local Pet Shop is closed and has newspaper over the windows. I didn’t try to peer through although there are signs of external decorative repairs.

I was waylaid by Michael (new yesterday) as he reminded me he wanted the washing machine. Then, Jan with the Setra, said he was actually going to leave after a false start the other day. He opted to buy thirty nights as he says he’ll return. I suggested he might try Koutsounari.

Michael wanted to move so I directed him to the middle road parallel with the beach. He will stay mostly at Grammeno with some excursions.

Dogs needed feeding and I needed more tea. Jorma took Luis for a walk then we discussed the position of the metalwork and the final dimensions of the new awning tent. He’s keen to start changing things however we have no idea how long it will take for the new sides to arrive. I don’t fancy being left exposed if we have a long, wet spell or cold weather.

I spent a couple of hours putting the tent sides up as something is better then nothing. The job is not finished as I ran out of day but at least the sides are up and screwed down to the decking. I realise how dark it is with the sides up particularly as the southern sunblocker is still in position. I’d take it down but it adds another layer of protection as only half of the front is fully operational.

The cats did their best and succeeded in driving me and the dogs crazy. Constant demands for food and attention. Each time the cats have a spat, the dogs start barking. As I was trying to get the tent sides up I was less than pleased with the additional annoyance.

At least most of the weather will be kept out and we have the added bonus of flapping tent sides during windy weather. At present, the sides are only attached using the occasional bolt to the external ground flaps. As yet, there are no bungees to tension the sides, a job for tomorrow.

WU has revised its forecast and now talks about 94% probability of 6mm rain, possibly during the night and Monday afternoon. The next few days, and specifically Wednesday with 98% of 18.8mm, look rather unsettled. We could actually do with some rain but certainly not as much as last December, the wettest month in my records.

Things are a little calmer as the dogs and cats are fed. They are snoozing peacefully so I just need to put together some food for myself and fall into a heap.

Easterly wind but not cold with plenty of sunshine. Rain forecast for the night and tomorrow afternoon.


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