One Arrival

The possible rain didn’t materialise so it was dry underfoot for our walk. Except when it came to crossing the causeway which we didn’t do as the lagoon was filling up and the sea seemed quite angry.

There was a fisherman on Alonaki Beach with six rods in the sea. To begin with, the sea was running from the east but the wind shifted back to the south later.

I went out again with the girls and we seem to have forgotten the ball again. Neither of them went swimming as the sea was a little choppy. They contented themselves with rushing around. Both went on a later walk with Jorma and Kirsti. Sasha is much better since she’s been on the prong collar. It worked the same way for Isabella last year.

I went over Panorama and then back without stopping as I didn’t need bread and the kids were getting ready for school so I didn’t fancy the supermarket.

The sky was looking a little grey when Jorma took Oskar for a walk around the block. I eventually let the others out and fed them once Oskar returned.

There were lots of things I intended to do but in the end, I spent much of the day trying to produce accurate drawings for the production of the new awning sides. I think it would have been easier to use a computer program as I find it hard to produce reasonable drawings with ruler and paper. I’ll have another go at it tomorrow as I remember the adage, ‘measure twice, cut once.

The Greek woman who recently stayed in T1 for the night returned with a friend. They asked about T5 which they didn’t need and were suitably put off when I mentioned the price. They decided to take T1 but it wasn’t clean so I asked Bona to come but they decided they didn’t care as they just wanted the cabin during the daytime so they could sit on the decking and chill out. Apparently, they have accommodation in Paleochora but wanted to come here for some peace and listen to the sea. They can do quite a lot of listening for 40€ as far as I’m concerned. They bought loads of cat food too so they’ll have plenty of pussy friends.

Some lunatic keeps firing an automatic weapon of some kind which sends Fido into paroxysms of barking which Luis finds too exciting to miss out on. I’ll put something on the TV in a moment and put the volume up loud.

There’s been no significant rain today. The person who planned to arrive today cancelled due to the poor forecast and caught the ferry instead. I didn’t bother to mention that December is just around the corner.

A cloudy and blowy start with occasional, very brief showers. Significant rain is forecast for Wednesday.


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