One More Month

Some heavy rain fell, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. There was even some hail. My slumbers were temporarily suspended but not for long.

There was the smell of fresh rain on herbs as we strode over the sand towards the rocks. I declined to cross the causeway in the darkness due to the sea state. It had calmed down when we came back later so the girls and I crossed with dry feet. Except all our feet were wet as they’d been swimming and I’d been paddling. Strange how I can go in the sea to warm up my feet!

I walked the road to Plakaki and back as I wasn’t sure if there was the fisherman on the beach again. There was no sign of anyone as we walked back. Obi had absented himself to be found outside Kirsti and Jorma’s van and in the compound when I came back later.

The girls were active with lots of barking and ragging around. Sasha collided with me at one point so they were both roundly told off and were very quiet for a few minutes afterwards. What they do to each other is up to them but colliding with me is not on the menu.

I went over Panorama with a stop at Anatoli and Petrakis where I learned a boat with 640 refugees was bound for Paleochora. No one seemed to know the origin of the passengers.

I rode back and then got involved in a conversation with Frank and a friend about e-bikes. Then there was a washing machine and so finally to release and feed the dogs.

Following my pathetic efforts to produce neat and reliable drawings for the proposed new sides, I obtained a basic and simple CAD program which I’ve been learning today. I can now produce reliable, simple, scale drawings of what is required.

Kirsti and Jorma went to the supermarket so the dogs have some cauliflower leaves for the next DDs.

The day turned out to be warm and sunny following the wetness during the night. Tomorrow’s 30mm of rain is forecast to begin around seven in the morning so I shall need to get ahead to get done and back in time depending on the weather’s timekeeping.

The two T1 ladies were chatting away enjoying the decking and watching the cats munching biscuits as I passed. I understand one of them plans to return at the end of the month.

8.9mm of rain fell before midnight yesterday but this cleared up to give a sunny and warm day. In one month it will be the Winter Solstice so the days will start to get longer, in the evening at least.


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