A very brief shower welcomed the day and I thought the forecast might be incorrect but it was of the briefest nature so we went out.

Two vans were by the beach and one in the car park. One came to the camping later. The street lights are still out, which is a bonus as I feel it’s a waste of a lot of electricity to light a road which is used by almost no one. The other part of the road leads to some houses but is unlit.

Our walk excluded crossing the causeway on each occasion. Even the girls decided it would be too hairy to cross and I wasn’t up for wet everything.

It was getting light when I went out with the girls and we watched the waves break over the rocks and crossed the lagoon channel which leads to the tunnel to the sea. No wet feet!

I didn’t fancy riding today due to the inclement state of the weather so took the girls out whilst Jorma walked Obi so that we could pick up some of the plastic washed up onto the beaches. Not such an amazing haul as expected but Isabella bravely entered the foaming deep to rescue her ball.

The Swedish van parked overnight by the beach appeared at reception seeking sanctuary in the camping. They were followed by a Greek couple who I diverted to Maria for accommodation prices. The Greeks left and the Swedes stayed. The Swedes are threatening to stay quite a while and were interested in my 30 night until 30 April offer. There were two other arrivals some Germans and some Swiss but only for one night.

It was raining on-and-off all day, sometimes heavily. I’ve seen wetter days but there were some lighter and even sunny intervals. Georgia was in the camping to bring oil from the olive harvest. Zoe was with her walking 5 and Mickey when I met her. They were in and out of the camping much of the day.

The dogs went into the van where we sat out of the weather. I worked on different projects with a number of interruptions mostly resulting from electrical problems due to the rain. Toni has since fixed the broken lamp covers and I’ve reported the problem with the top pump which keeps tripping the circuit.

Kirsti decided to take electricity for the first time as there was no sun for their PV. They heat with gas. They didn’t walk Isabella and Sasha only Obi had an earlier walk with Jorma.

There will be two leavers tomorrow but they’ve already paid so can go as they wish. It’s possible the Swiss might decide to stay on slightly longer as I had an interesting chat with the guy which resulted in the dogs eating later than intended. They were very pleased to see me!

Fortunately, I’d got my food ready before going out. The purpose was very simple but developed into a long conversation with the two Swiss guys. At present we have three Swiss, one Swedish and three German couples.

Bona came to clean T1 and the nice ladies had given the keys to Toni anyway. I think they are known to Georgia.

I amused myself with the vacuum sucking up mosquitoes but still some remain. I must have reduced the population by at least thirty! I’ve worn my electric gilet for the first time in anger. It works just fine and runs for quite a while on one battery.

More rain is forecast for the night but probably not that much. There could be rain tomorrow but of minor duration and significance.

The main theme of the day is rain of which 25mm fell in the past twenty-four hours

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