Happy Thanksgiving!

I checked the forecast to find a prognosis involving a high probability of lots of rain. There was little doggy activity so I set a reminder for thirty minutes and cogitated a while. At five I checked again and we finally went nearer six when it was just starting to get light.

The sea had calmed down so we were able to cross the causeway again without risk to life and limb. Even Luis made it as far as Plakaki and was present for biscuits. Oskar had been delayed by important business probably involving the dead seagull.

Polystyrene seedling trays, plastic water bottles and others containing anything from petrol to agricultural products adorned the beach. They were washed down from the greenhouses in the torrents resulting from the runoff from the poly tunnels. The beach looked like a war zone.

We completed our walk and then I took the girls. There was still some weather around but we set off for Plakaki with a huge polythene bag to collect up some of the debris. They entertained themselves whilst I picked up something like fifty plastic water bottles with or without water. The results of my efforts were dumped into the big bins for collection by the refuse technicians.

I received a phone call from the Swedes who decided to go to Elafonissi and then visit other parts of the island before returning once the weather gets colder. In all, there were four departures but some will return in a few days. We have a few long-stays anyway.

I dedicated much of what was left of the day to making DDs and continuing with the drawings for the new awning sides. It’s taking a lot longer as I’m learning the software as I go along. It does the job but not as easily as a program which might cost 300€, surprisingly.

I ended the day with a visit to the shower as there was plenty of hot water thanks to the sunny day. The DDs were processed so now we’re inside and it’s soon my turn to get something to eat.

Warmer than yesterday and a lot drier too. Sunday looks rainy at present.


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