Smelly Dog Breath

The low was 12.8ºC in the night so I even contemplated a SECOND blanket but managed to get by without. Fidget-arse was moving around at around four but settled down until the alarm went off at the normal time. The sky was clear and studded with stars as we crossed the field and headed towards the Promontory.

Obi and Oskar were lagging behind so we’re summonsed to my presence. Plakaki was not far as it was cool so the pace was vigorous. They all reported for biscuits although Luis was on the way. Only back at Grammeno Beach did the whole company arrive. It was still dark as I took them back and parked the boys.

They were distracted on the way back and had found some nasty, deposing cadaver which they took in turns to devour. Isabella and Sasha joined me and Luis was already there. Skinny had already partaken and was ahead. The smell in the van was totally unappetising to say the least.

The girls and I went out and over the rocks. They waited patiently: I did some FST whilst waiting for the sun to rise. It seems to get lazier by the day. Not long now and it will stop still in the mornings and go to bed later in the evenings.

I cycled up Panorama to Petrakis for some larger vegetables including a cabbage bigger than a football and a large cauliflower. The store was quiet so I was soon riding back. Today was the first day I wore a coat when riding my bike and I even contemplated SOCKS!

I sat for a while before feeding the dogs so that Fido could be back from his constitutional with Jorma. The remainder of the the morning seemed to drift past.

I wandered the camping a couple of times. The tree opposite the Czechs needed some attention as the other van was struggling to get by. More evidence has been put next to Janne and Erica’s van.

Later, the Swiss returned from Elafonissi and have put themselves back almost where they were. The Lithuanian lady has given me 300€ for the month. Werner, her husband has loads of experience in Eastern Europe, Syria, Afghanistan and thereabouts.

Jorma and Kirsti had a virtual dog walk as I wasn’t around when they called. I checked out the boiler after Kirsti mentioned Jorma’s shower was not so hot. I couldn’t find a problem so need to get more information.

It felt a lot cooler today, even the customers have noticed. Otherwise it was mostly sunny. The forecast for tomorrow talks about rain late afternoon.


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