It seemed a little pointless to leap out of bed at 05:35 so I set a timer for 45 minutes but didn’t quite make it to the end as Miss Fidget-Bum was on the move. Isabella had been banished to sleep outside as she considered it a good idea to roll in the wretched decomposition. She was not one to be with yesterday.

I kept a tight grip on the dogs as we passed the point near the RC. As soon as one of their little lights stepped out of line, I hauled them back to me. No more smelly dogs for me today!

It was starting to get light on the way back from Plakaki. Obi was lagging a bit so I had to catch him up a couple of times to be sure he didn’t disappear. We crossed the rocks and then back to the camping.

The girls came out with the ball after a couple of days without. I’ve seem Isabella more motivated however she put up a good show with Sasha providing plenty of ‘assistance’. They waited patiently while I performed some FST and we went back. On the way, we a encountered a dogs-less Jorma who called the Crazies to him and then got almost bowled over by them. We returned by our separate routes and Jorma took Luis.

I mounted my steed and rode over Panorama to the bakery. I noticed some recent kennels on a piece of unused ground by the first turnoff. Perhaps this is the replacement for the PAWS encampment down by the port as there were dogs in resident. I didn’t stop to investigate. The postman was on his motorcycle outside the bakery. We exchanged greetings and perhaps he will visit tomorrow as it’s Monday.

Luis had reappeared so I released and fed the dogs before making tea, washing up and preparing the DDs for later. I had plenty of ‘help’, especially from Sasha: forever hopeful of something falling her way.

I eventually drank my tea whilst sitting in the semi-warmth of the awning area. The sky had almost completed clouded over so the day was cool and grey. My plan was to progress my drawings but I remembered a small job for EG from an earlier email which had found its way to the bin. There was some progress with the drawings anyway.

I cooked some chickpeas for later once the DDs had depressurised. I let the DDs cool and then processed them as the day had run away from me. Something to do with loafing around in bed until nearly 05:15! What a lie-abed!

I prepared a monster salad for later which included the chickpeas, a load of pomegranate seeds and anything else which was to hand. It’s going to be an interesting exercise to eat it as the huge bowl is stacked almost to the ceiling! It’ll take me about an hour to munch my way through it I imagine.

Some rain is forecast for tonight, tomorrow should be reasonable however Wednesday is looking damp from Tuesday night on.

Pretty grey but not wind nor cold


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