All Scrunched Up

I went to put on the remains of my barefoot shoes then decided it might be better to wear socks and boots. There was a delay whilst I found some socks and struggled into my boots which I’ve not worn for months. They seemed a tight fit after the barefoot shoes and now my toes feel all scrunched up.

The sky was reasonably clear but the morning was cool with a gentle northerly wind as we strode towards Plakaki where only Luis failed to show for biscuits. We completed the second circuit and I went out with the girls crossing the rocks once more. Isabella had been unable to locate her ball so she channelled her energies towards Sasha. I just let them get on with it whilst I performed my FST before returning to the camping.

I rode into Paleochora via Panorama with no stops. It was a little windy on the mountain and on the east side of the peninsula. I noticed the café near to the port has dragged in all of their furniture and put down their bistro blinds. When the wind is from the east, the sea sprays over the road and covers everything with salt.

Jorma took Obi for a walk leaving Isabella with her nose out of joint. Her turn was to come later though. I released and fed the dogs in Obi’s absence but he got his later and I expect he had some treats in the meantime.

I tried to concentrate my efforts on finishing off the drawings for the new awning sides and have concluded that a freestanding door is going to be the best solution for the back panel. I will have to decide not to use the locker when the sides are up.

Jorma took Isabella so I took Sasha the other direction to give her some more practice on the lead. She’s starting to get the hang of it so doesn’t pull. We stopped at the office to check for post but there was nothing.

I put on some rice for the dogs hoping to get all done and dusted nice and early. That was until a [plug-in Hybrid] Volvo towing a caravan arrived in the camping with a call from a Finnish mobile. I was about to feed the dogs so they were pretty unimpressed by my departure. I showed the new arrivals the camping and introduced them to the other Finns. I think Finland has now become the dominant nationality on the camping. As of now we have five Finns, three Germans, one Swiss, a Lithuanian and two Czechs. The four Swiss [family] left earlier as they’re catching the ferry back to Piraeus and then home via Igoumenisa to Italy and then Switzerland.

The dogs finally received their supper once I’d spoken with Olympia as she’s off for a few days. She plans to stay at Grammeno for the winter but needs to sort that out with Georgia as I don’t fancy getting involved.

The day was cool and quite cloudy. I’ve not taken off my coat and I’m still wearing my boots despite my scrunched up toes.


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