Yet again, I fell asleep in front of the box so it was gone ten by the time I got to bed. Dirty stop-out that I am!

I checked the weather to avoid surprises and we were out just after five. The sky started off mostly clear and bright with a great collection of stars to gaze at. Obviously no moon for a while yet.

I took the girls with the ball as Isabella seemed over-endowed with energy. Between them, they managed to rush around a lot which is the main thing. I extended their walk up Alonaki a little way to collect the bag of rubbish I abandoned the other day when the Swedes left.

Jorma took Luis as I set off for Paleochora with low batteries. I’d already collected the gas hose and Finnish regulator from the Finns with the intention of getting a Greek regulator and couplers to match the existing. The coupler required a second store but we found the correct one after lots of digging through a mass of connectors.

I forgot to stop for bread but remembered Petrakis. The ride was shorter avoiding Panorama due to the low-voltage situation. I made it back to the camping, removed the batteries for charging, fed the dogs and cats before assembling the components for the new gas connection.

I’d struggled to remove the connector and later discovered some damage to the mating surfaces of the original connector so had to start over and apply copious layers of PTFE tape to get a reliable seal. The Finns were suitably grateful and so now have gas for heating and cooking which is probably a good idea seeing as the next two days are forecast to be quite wet and consequently colder.

I did plenty of small jobs including two washing machines for the Finns who’ve been on the road with a baby for some time with the resulting build-up of dirty kiddywear and bedding. I progressed the drawings for the new sides but it was not easy due to interruptions.

I remembered I didn’t have bread so installed one of the batteries to ride to Kountoura for bread. The battery went into low-power cutoff as I reached the top of the hill so didn’t struggle back to the Factory.

One of Georgia’s dogs is unwell. Tony contacted me last night for the number of the local vet to see if she’d come out as he cannot get the dog to her. He was unsuccessful so I had a further call from Maria this evening asking for doggy advice. I suggested they get the dog to Stavros in Maleme as that’s the next nearest and he’s a solid sort of chap. There is talk from Maria of leishmaniasis which is not at all encouraging as it’s possible the other’s could also be similarly afflicted. Hopefully, mine are still protected from the Leisguard and I have Scalibor collars waiting to be delivered by ACS. Furthermore, Georgia is unwell so not really able to provide much support. She had the CoVID recently whilst on a trip to Athens and sounded a little rough when she was here last week. Hopefully, she’s not got Long CoVID although some of her symptoms fit.

I eventually managed to feed the dogs and take Isabella and Sasha for an evening walk. They both had too much energy today and it might be wet in the morning leaving them bouncing off the walls. Obi joined us as he was outside at the time. The others fretted in the van but I didn’t really fancy taking all of them and Luis has been out with Jorma twice anyway.

Toni came for the keys to T1 as the two ladies are arriving late tonight. Toni volunteered to hold the keys for them but later chickened out as they could arrive any time between ten and Midnight. You can understand my obvious reluctance. The keys have been left in the door of T1 and it’s unlocked anyway.

At lease there should be some sun on Friday.
Wam and sunny with some cloudy intervals.


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