Heavy rain fell during the night but I just relished being in my warm bed and let it fall. The forecast was for rain to continue until eight so I decided not to bother to get up. The dogs agreed.

We finally went out about seven. The sky was still cloudy with some immense stacks to black clouds. I spent a moment to track the direction and concluded we should be able to enjoy a dry walk. It was light so progress was rapid over the rocks where the sea had earlier been breaking over the causeway. All dogs arrived at Plakaki for biscuits, even Luis!

We completed our walk and then out again with the girls and the thrower. I had one ball in my pocket but we managed to return with three. Xanthippos was looking very smart as he walked back from the beach for a chat. He tells me there are more customers coming so it looks as though CBV is likely to remain open all winter. He asked if Isabella would go into the sea after the ball as I was throwing it for her. I took her and the ball to the beach and threw the ball into the rough sea. Xanthippos was suitably impressed when she plunged through the waves and swam quite a long way to retrieve her balls. She wasn’t about to do it again so had no intention of giving up the ball.

I went for a brisk ride to ACS in Paleochora to pick up the parcel which arrived there yesterday. The package contains parasite control collars for the dogs and some parasite paste for the cats. I ordered five collars for seven dogs but have managed to give all the dogs a collar and still have one left. Buying the longer collars, the smaller dogs can have half each and the difference in price is only 1€! I’ll check out the cat potion another time.

Sue form Inter Sport called so we enjoyed a long chat as well as some IT related matters. Apparently, she makes her own soap and buys very few shop products. Someone else with an environmental bent.

The sky has been cloudy for much of the day but it has been around 20ºC much of the time with occasional heavy shower. The reality was much better than the forecast. Less than 10mm of the 30mm rain has fallen so far although more is forecast for tomorrow.

A mixed day but not cold


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