Burial Party II

It was just before one but Fido was determined to go out and had already been out at bedtime. I make sure of it. I decided he could stay out for the remainder of the night so installed his collar as I know he gets vocal if he doesn’t get his own way. Sasha decided to accompany him so he had her and Obi to keep him company.

Only a short while later, it began to rain which was accompanied by thunder and lightning. Not pleasing to Skinny who disappeared to the front of the van under me, nor to Sasha who made some noise but soon shut up. I went back to sleep.

I was about to get up when it started to rain so I set a timer for 15 minutes and relaxed. Again, I was about to get up when it rained even harder for a short time. I waited. No sooner were we on our way did it start to rain again so we stood a while in the large cave waiting for it to stop. The rest of the walk remained dry until right at the end where we sheltered in the changing room, now used for storage, on the beach. By this time we’d been joined by Iera so it was cosy in there.

I brought the three of them plus the ball out again but we stayed dry although I could see falling rain out to sea in the distance. We came back and soon after, it rained again. I gave Jorma the inverter which the courier brought the evening before then fed the animals before going back to assist with the installation. I scrounged some suitably strong cable and the unit was operational within a short time.

I was determined to finish off the measurements for the awning sides so got on with producing the drawings and getting together some photos of the original tent and the replacement metal awning during its construction. The email has now been sent.

Jorma and Kirsti walked Isabella and Obi so I took Sasha in the opposite direction. Our short training walks show promise as all dogs behaved admirably.

One of Georgia’s dogs became ill a couple of days ago and sadly died yesterday evening. I discovered this when I bumped into Toni as I returned from meeting the courier at the front of the camping. We agreed to bury him tonight once it gets dark. Kirsti and Jorma agreed to come too so Siiri, Dave and Boris will have some more company later.

The day has been a mixture of sunshine and showers but not cold nor windy. The next few days look more stable with temperatures in the mid/late teens. But no more rain!

Monthly Summary for December 2022
Daily Summary for 1 December 2022


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