Feeling Lazy

The alarm sounded but I didn’t really have the inclination to get up and walk dogs right away. I set a timer or two and finally got up around 05:15. It was nice not to have to be in darkness for the entirety of the the first walk and the beginning of the second.

I wasn’t wearing a coat but the temperature felt fine and I had my sleeves rolled up for some of the time. The moon is yet to join us but the stars did their best as there was some cloud. The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves and I drifted off into a world of my own.

I took the thrower on the second walk but Isabella didn’t seem motivated enough to find the ball. The thrower enjoyed the outing.

I took my bike over Panorama stopping at EKO for an inner tube for Jorma’s bike and to Petrakis for some vegetables as it is DD day and I ran out of salad. Having stocked up on peppers, Bona gave me a load from the greenhouse where she works so I shared with Kirsti who also likes them. I’d not bought cucumber so Bona’s generosity was fortuitous. I received a massive consignment of oranges, Mandarins and lemons yesterday so I’m pretty fruit and vegged out.

Having set the DDs in motion I spent time researching gas adaptors for refilling Finnish gas cylinders with LPG. Why portable domestic gas has to be so complicated, I know not. If the EU has a specification for bananas and cucumbers you’d imagine they might standardise LPG cylinders throughout the empire.

Having walked back from Paleochora yesterday with a flat tyre, Jorma decided to repeat the process having installed the new inner tube I brought this morning. He got another flat which he repaired, jokingly commenting that it would be fine if he didn’t ride it. Only to find the tyre flat a while later. The three of us had checked over the tyre, tube and rim of the wheel before he installed the repaired tube.

Jorma took Fido and Kirsti took Isabella for a walk around the block. I walked the opposite direction stopping to chat with the Czechs on the way. They gave a load of olive pits to Sasha to chew up much to their amazement.

I managed to get the shower I didn’t get yesterday so the dogs are now happier to get closer to me and have removed the clothes pegs from their noses.

The sky has been overcast much of the day although certainly not cold with no rain. Also a absence of wind which is also a bonus.

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