Sunday lie-in

There was some fidgeting but the alarm sounded at 05:15 intentionally somewhat later than usual. There are no pressing engagements on a Sunday so it seemed worthwhile to walk later when it’s a little lighter.

The sky was clear and very starry and the dawn very attractive as I walked towards Azzuro and Plakaki. I sort of arrived without even knowing as I was miles away in another dimension. The dogs appeared for biscuits and we returned for the second Promontory walk. By now it was properly light.

I came out with the girls once I’d sorted the boys and we had an enjoyable wander with Sasha helping with my FST which now seems to have a dog-petting exercise. The sun had already risen so the day was starting to warm up and it was very pleasant standing on the rocks surrounded by the sea.

I went over Panorama and around my daily route with no stops as I didn’t need anything. The run back was very gentle but I left the cycleway just before Plakaki to ride the road back to the camping.

I fed the dogs and eventually Isabella and Sasha as I needed a new bag of food to fill up the containers. As usual, the cats were milling about even though they’d already been fed. I fed the girls then filled up the remainder of the doggy biscuit containers.

Kirsti came with a wash which we put into the machine. Jorma had another go at fixing his bike and went on a trial run without having to walk back. Meanwhile, Mickey came back from his walkabout as he’s been touring the island for a few days. Frits is still in Switzerland. I had a text conversation with Marianne who was here with Timo last season. She plans to take T2 from mid-December until end of May.

I prepared the monthly money and caught up with some admin which had been let slide a little.

Later, we took Fido, Isabella and Sasha for a walk around the block and met Riges, my former neighbour, with his dog. Sasha sat quietly whilst he passed however Fido was less controlled.

Isabella is fooling around outside with Sasha and the remains of the IZO blanket which is now shredded. There is some intermittent pussy-barking as a result of some pussy fighting nearby. The Pot has plopped so time to feed us all.

A pleasant, windless but sunny day after a cool start.


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