Washing Day

A lone Pole in a motorhome arrived in the evening but I quickly dispatched him to a temporary location promising to find a more desirable parking place the next morning.

The alarm went off at 05:15; we were out around 05:30 so as not to spend the whole time in darkness. The full moon is soon to be with us which will make life brighter first thing. The latest sunrise is on January 1 but earlier sunrise is not until 14 January. The day lengthens from 22 December or thereabouts.

The Belgian guy is still in the beach car park but not actually slumming it in his 100,000€ motorhome. We had a chat earlier when I passed walking Sasha.

The second walk was under a bright sky as the sun had risen by the time we arrived at the rocks where I performed my FST. There can’t be many nicer places.

I rode over Panorama stopping at Anatoli for some bread. Petrakis can wait until tomorrow when I’ll need some bits for the DDs. I still have plenty of peppers from Bona.

I fed the dogs and went to the Pole who has selected a location opposite the customer kitchen. He has a StarLink Internet connection so his van requires a good view of the satellites to operate correctly. I noticed his van came from the town where I stayed when I went to Poland at the beginning of the 90’s. I bored him with some of my other experiences. He was suitably patient. I sold him thirty nights so he’ll be going walkabout at the weekends when he’s not working. He’s a refugee of the Polish winter which he claims is worth avoiding.

I put some laundry on for myself and then for Mickey who was sunning himself on the beach. Toni had taken the fridge/freezer from Georgia’s as instructed leaving it clean and ready for operation in the kitchen. I emptied what remained from the old fridge and claimed some olives for myself.

Much of my day was taken up with some catch-up and tinkering with spreadsheets, laundry and dealing with a potential customer for May/June as well as an all winter let for next season.

We found time to take Isabella, Oskar and Sasha for a walk. Today, Sasha was off the prong collar but worked well despite the time I chatted to the Belgian.

The washing is in but not folded, my bed is made and my food is ready. Skinny is hoping I’m going to invite him to sit near me however Oskar got the place next to me and Isabella is taking up the remainder of the space. Luis has commandeered the other side for his personal use. Obi is outside on the blanket which he carefully extracts from the big dog bed each evening.

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