Finding Antonis

I was awake before the alarm however the dogs were starting to fidget. It will be in our interest to get out promptly tomorrow as there is the possibility of rain.

Our walks were a little later as I actually remembered to put the chickpeas in to cook before the DDs which I would be preparing later. It was cool but not coat weather on the walks only a cool northerly breeze when walking to Plakaki. One interesting phenomenon has been the the arrival of a mystery vehicle around 06:20 which parks up on the beach road then disappears around ten minutes later. I’ve see this two days in a row.

The girls were out next with Sasha assisting me with my FST as has become the tradition.

Sasha waiting patiently on top of the volcanic plug. She’s quite a big girl now…

I rode to Paleochora over Panorama with a stop at Petrakis where I got into a conversation with Iannis about delivering a parcel to Sheffield. Any activity between UK and EU is now potentially fraught with complications especially as the package contains food. I updated him on the present prime minister’s name; he can be forgiven for not keeping up as there have been a few changes recently.

I had a gentle ride back to the camping with my groceries which included some washing powder as I wish to give the dog beds a bit of a holiday as they’ve not been washed in a while. I recalled the time spent in front of the sink washing blankets when the puppies were very young. Washing and drying them everyday until they managed to survive the night. Once they did, they’d survive up to a fourteen-hour lockdown without incident. It was winter and the nights were long.

I met Antonis on the way back who confessed not to have taken action on my texts. He promises to order from Polychronis tonight and told me that welding materials are available from the hardware stores in Paleochora. He finally persuaded them to stock consumables seeing as so many welder owners were getting them from Chania which is a 150km trip over the mountains. His latest progeny should be delivered in the next week or so one way or the other as a section has been threatened if she doesn’t cooperate.

Expectedly, the dogs were very pleased to see me as time was now getting on. I fed them and then organised the DDs and a cup of tea for myself. The day was warming up when I finally sat down to drink my tea.

Jorma was fixing a problem with his PV system created by the overhanging branches from the carob trees as they drive in and out. I think he’s now fixed it and together, we looking at some of the branches. I’ve suggested they cut off offending branches as they drive out to do their weekly shop tomorrow. I even sharpened my long pruners as I knew they were getting a little blunt.

I did a few little jobs including the magnetic catch to what used to be my bathroom as the door swings open. The van has settled at the front so needs more jacking up and packing on the concrete blocks. Not unexpected after the recent rain.

I completed the DDs and fed them so will soon be munching my way through an enormous salad with today’s chickpeas. I’ll jog Antonis’ memory with a text later.

A cool start but a warm and sunny day. A little rain a possibility tomorrow in the middle of the day.


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