13.2mm precipitation fell during yesterday evening. I understand, Johannes, the Finnish guy, went for a night swim after the rain. They commented on the dramatic lightening out to sea.

There were large puddles on the road as we crossed from the field with a couple of significant lakes in the beach car park. There was not a single vehicle to be seen. The moon was poking out from behind some cloud and tried its hardest to provide occasional additional light.

It was not cold as we walked down the Promontory under the intermittent moonlight. I forgot to check Obi was still following so was unsurprised when Kirsti brought him back when I returned from my ride.

The girls and the ball came out next however I only had one opportunity to actually throw the ball as Isabella seemed to be more interested in hanging onto it. They both came for the petting part of my FST session. Soppy animals that they are.

I rode over Panorama with only one stop to inspect Antonis’ guardrails alongside the road in the vicinity of a couple of seats set in a small area next to the cycle path. I think he’s done a good and neat job.

Kirsti met me with Obi as I dismounted my bike upon my return. Apparently, Jorma discovered Obi bashing his tail into the back of his legs as the did some washing up in the customer kitchen.

I fed the dogs then made tea for myself before sitting down for a rest. It was cloudy as I looked out through the cloudy windows and the sun blocker which remains in position. The dogs settled down to make use of what little sunshine came along. At some point, it’s possible I became distracted.

I walked over to the laundry to discover the boiler had extinguished itself, presumably as a result of the rain which I didn’t consider at all hard. I restarted it and waited to see that it wasn’t going to produce another error before resuming my travels which took in the bathrooms and the reception.

Later, I toured the camping chatting to the Finns their neighbours from Lithuania followed by the Czechs who are leaving tomorrow. The Lithuanians plan to stay another month and I talked to the Czechs about coming for the whole winter. Apparently, they live in a small community with only one pub. They are going back to spend Christmas with their children and grandchildren then go on a couple of skiing trips to France and Italy. I think they might get a little bored at home during the winter. In any event, the cats were keeping them busy as they cooked their meal outside with their electric pan. They paid their stay whereupon I left them to enjoy their meal.

The afternoon was turning to evening so I put on the doggy rice and tidied up a little in anticipation of feeding time.

It has been a generally dull day with some sunny intervals and a little wind. But not cold.

Almost a degree warmer than yesterday but with no recordable rain. There were a few drops as I cycled back from Paleochora.

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