Dr Who was escaping from cavemen with his ‘tribe’ as I’ve started from the first episode of Dr Who. All these years later, it seems extremely dated but I recall hiding behind the sofa during the scary bits but then I had a too vivid imagination back then. I used to lie awake convinced there was someone coming towards my room until I worked out it was just the hot pipes under the floorboards as the central heating came on and off. There were no carpets as the extension was new so the creaking floorboards were particularly prominent.

The moon shone brightly from a clear sky as the waves hit the pebbles on Alonaki Beach. Only the Belgian was resident in his mobile apartment as we walked across the soggy beach. There was no rain in the night just a little humidity from the previous time.

I kept a close eye on Obi following his wanderings yesterday. Today he was close by me much of the time or at least nearby. It was still dark at Plakaki but the moonlight made the beach easily navigable on the way back.

I took the thrower out unnecessarily today as Isabella wasn’t in the mood. Our walk was shorter as I needed to be back for 08:00 to put in a wash for the Lithuanians. There were two washes today, the other was for the German couple who like water sports so are in their element here.

I rode over Panorama stopping for bread and groceries. Petrakis was very quiet. I stopped for a few moments to admire Antonis’ railings then hastened back to take out the first wash.

Having dropped off the wash I went out onto the beach where Johannes was entertaining Happy, their dog, with a frisbee. She initially barked at me then discovered I could be of some use to her, throwing the frisbee, so may reserve judgement.

I fed the dogs and made the DD’s but had arranged to put on another wash so went off to do that before actually managing to drink my tea. Nothing like the amount of washing machine activity as last season.

There was a problem with the WiFi which turned out to be to do with the Johannes’ iPad becoming disconnected. It reminded me to get some new access points so I spent time researching the best price. I found a place which purported to be in Athens however there was a problem with accepting payment and no response from their email. I may need to search elsewhere but the price was good which made me wonder.

Jorma and Kirsti took Fido and Isabella and I took Sasha but got waylaid by Mickey who wanted to explore Samaria Gorge. I suggested he check out Anydroi and Irene. Sasha eventually got her walk.

The DDs were processed and I had a shower! There was plenty of hot water as the day was mostly sunny.

There was one arrival and one departure, at the same time. Just as Fritz was returning from his visit to Switzerland, the Czechs were leaving. I saw them off and they gave a generous donation to the cat welfare fund despite them being so annoying during their stay. Perhaps they’ll come back again next year. Fritz is staying another month as he gave me some more money.

Warmer and sunnier than yesterday. Fortunate for those washing today.

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