Sleeves Up!

It was quite warm as there was no wind so I had my sleeves rolled up for much of the time. The sky was cloudy which was a shame as the moon is high and gives a good amount of light when it’s clear.

The Belgian was in his mobile boudoir oblivious of our passage although well investigated by the dogs. It was quite light as we crossed the rocks for the second time and Luis had joined us by now.

The girls came out and I got to throw the ball a couple of times. Only Sasha assisted with my FST today. The sea was not too busy but I could see rain falling in the distance.

The road was quiet as I cycled the path to the Panorama turnoff and then around the town. Antonis Petrakis was standing outside his store and called out to me as I rode past. I ambled slowly back along the cycleway.

Fritz was leaving as I entered the camping followed soon after by Maciej, the Polish guy, who has gone off to amuse himself for the weekend. I suspect he might come back tomorrow if it rains as predicted.

There were no departures today but I wandered the camping collecting money from Johannes. We talked about his car, van and boat. Apparently, his Volvo is nearly ten years old so ancient technology. It’s been quite a long way but is still running well. He says it’s very powerful. The diesel motor drives the front wheels and the electric motors drive the rear. Between them, the car shifts very well considering its considerable weight and the amount of gubbins: diesel motor, electric motors, batteries and fuel. It tows the van very well which is the main thing.

He showed me the camera on his boat where it was snowing and there was already a good covering on the neighbouring vessel. I then inspected their caravan which has a big bed at one end with a magnificent, curved window above. It’s possible to admire the night sky from the comfort of your boudoir or shut it out altogether. For the two of them, small human and small dog, there’s plenty of room. They are considering a larger van or perhaps a motorhome to replace the caravan and the Volvo. The van is made in Finland for the local climate. He’s used it to -14ºC but says that’s pushing it a little.

Later, I took Sasha for a walk and ended up chatting with a German couple who arrived in the beach car park in their motorhome with canoes on the roof. They have two young sons and have met up with Jan in the Setra. They plan to spend Christmas together. I mentioned Jan had purchased the 30-night come-and-go package and offered him a similar option for 400€ as his boys are older but I’d do a two-for-one for them. Sasha eventually got her walk around the block. She was very patient as we were there for over an hour. The others had been back ages so she got a bonus.

A man in a yellow Renault van arrived as I was about to feed the dogs. He’s staying one night only, unless he changes his mind…

Tomorrow may be quite wet starting in the early morning which is a bind if it’s during walking times. The heavier rain is for later in the morning… Not forgetting the thunder!

Very mild with sunshine and clouds

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