Slightly Moist

Cadfael entertained me for the majority of the evening with some help from Martin Shaw and the remainder of the CI5 gang in The Professionals.

Having studied the forecast, I cast caution to the wind and took the dogs for their walk as usual. It was dark and very cloudy so it was not possible to keep a weather eye on the clouds. There was some light rain which became more persistent so I took the dogs back to the van at the halfway point. I got on with something else then we went out again once it was light to finish off our walk. Isabella and Sasha didn’t get another walk.

I fed them before riding straight into Paleochora to buy bread as I only had chunks of stale bread. The sky was looking very threatening but my run along the bike path was dry other than what might have splashed up from the road surface.

I made tea and sat down. The morning passed with varying degrees of cloudiness and some precipitation. At one point, I received a weather warning on my phone to advise me of adverse conditions and not to travel. I had no travel plans so continued what I was doing. There were a couple of thunder claps and a few minutes of heavy rain. A bit of a let down really. But at least we know the system works.

Frank asked for 20m of external Ethernet cable which I made up and Maciej, from Poland, asked for a Jubilee clip so he could fix the water pump in his van. He’d tried a number of filling stations to no avail. I’m not sure actually when he returned.

I wandered down to the beach to look at the waves and arrived at the same time as Johannes and Luna, their daughter. Her mother was enjoying a rest in the the van. We looked at the waves together and petted IZO who was wandering around looking lost. Johannes decided to go swimming later and I saw him at the ABB end of the beach as I dropped off the Ethernet cable to Frank.

The dogs were waiting for their food so I fed them as soon as I got back. It’s easy to see the difference when the girls don’t get their second walk and when Jorma and Kirsti are unable to take them out in the afternoon. I left an empty food bag which has now turned itself into a million shredded pieces. They are quiet now. Skinny is on the side bench and Luis is sharing the rear one with me. Fido is warming my left foot, Isabella is pinning Fido against me as she takes up most of the floor blanket. Sasha is opposite the fridge and Oskar is in the driver’s footwell or on the dashboard behind the windscreen. Obi remains resolutely outside although he was in with us during the day.

Only 5.8mm precipitation fell on Grammeno in contrast to 23.8mm that fell on Omalos high in the mountains. The weather warning appeared a little over the top for here but other parts of the island would have experienced more severe conditions.

Rainy but warm with sunshine in the afternoon. The sea is a little angry today.

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