Lovely Rita

I woke briefly to the sound of rain but ignored it. Only once I walked out onto the beach road did I see how much fell which amounted to nearly 13mm. Walking up the beach to Plakaki, I noticed a deep channel created by one of the ‘rivers’ that take away the water thrown off by the greenhouses.

The sky was covered by a thin layer of cloud so the moonlight was able to penetrate and even cast a shadow from time-to-time. We lost Obi who petitioned Kirsti to be let into their van as he’s a poor, abandoned waif. If I don’t constantly keep an eye on him, he slopes off!

I took the girls but our walk was interrupted near the end by fine rain which continued until we sheltered in the large cave. We walked back and I went off to Paleochora via Panorama for bread and some dog food from Petrakis.

My main goal of the day was to install a meter in T2 as it’s likely that we’ll have arrivals before very long. The consumer unit is installed in the bottom of a fitted wardrobe and the power has to be off to work safely necessitating the use of a head torch. Dark and cramped about sums it up. Nevertheless, the meter is installed and working other than it does not remotely turn off the power for some unexplainable reason. I can live without that I think. So long as it measures consumption, that’s all that matters.

I left the boys in to prevent silly behaviour so Isabella and Sasha were the only choice when Kirsti and Jorma came calling. Apparently, they had a good walk.

Mickey showed me his new electric scooter and let me have a go. I rode around the camping and a little way along the cycle path then down the road to the beach. It’s a good one and quite fun to ride. I think I’ll stick to my bike.

Georgia came to the camping to collect the oil containers. She tells me the oil from her trees is of poor quality this year so will be sold; she will have to buy better oil for the camping. She mentioned pests in the olive trees. She also asked if I’d vaccinate her dogs against Leishmaniasis as it appears the remaining two are infected. She will be around for the next couple of days and threatened me with stuffed tomatoes and peppers!

I came back to feed the dogs and reheat my big beans from the other day. I made up two lots and ate one. Quite a busy day but mostly spent in T2 where I found traces of the previous presence of mice. I have informed Bona and Tony.

Some light rain early on and remaining mostly grey.


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