Wave watching

The forecast promised no rain so I felt keener to get out of bed. It was cloudy but the moon managed to shine through to spread a little light. I could see well enough by 06:30.

It was interesting crossing the causeway as the sea periodically produced a large wave which crashed over the rocks. We stood watching the waves for quite a while before committing to crossing but managed with no loss of life or wet feet.

The girls had one ball when we set off but two when we got back. The second had been abandoned on the Small Beach. With just the two of them, it was a much simple matter to cross the causeway but the sea was still being unpredictable.

I rode over Panorama and managed to get back with a stop at Petrakis. I’d forgotten to fully charge the batteries so just topped up one of them whilst out with the girls.

I fed them then got on with producing DDs for later. I then sat down with a cup of tea until called to put a load into the washing machine. I eventually managed to drink my tea. In all, there were two loads today, both for Maciej.

The day warmed up. Kirsti went shopping in Paleochora with Anke who later baked them some bread. We took Fido and the girls for a training walk around the block once I’d eventually managed to get them calmer. I think we’re going to have to do things differently as Isabella is a nightmare when Sasha is around. I put Sasha in the SDC in order to get Isabella ready to leave.

With a long let on the horizon, I went to check out the consumer unit in T2 to discover it’s rather full:

Interesting – I decided that tomorrow might be a better day to tackle the problem. There is already a meter, but I’m not sure if there’s room for the replacement. Added to the fact the meter appears to be on the live side of the main switch… I can isolate the whole box but it’s an unusual setup. More planning is required.

The DDs were duly processed and the dogs fed, quite early for a change. They are inside as the cats are being demanding and annoying which creates tension and noise.

The weather has been mild although it’s quite cool as I sit under the awning writing. The forecast is for the possibility of rain this evening and early morning. The next few days are equally unsettled.

Quite warm and sunny


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