Early Morning Rain

My slumbers were again disturbed by the sound of rain. This time it was around 02:00 and I stayed awake a little longer for some reason. The quantity was the same as the previous time but the cumulative results were more dramatic. No thunder was involved.

It had stopped by getting up time so we walked out over a field which had gained a few puddles crossing a more flooded road towards a car park with significant puddle and the Belgian Boudoir near the beach.

When we reached the first river, there were signs of deeper channeling. At the larger river, the water was now flowing fast and wide. Naturally, Sasha, Skinny and Isabella simply wandered across however it was a different matter for smaller dogs and people wearing boots and socks. Had I have been in my barefoot shoes, no problem. Maybe tomorrow.

Crossing the causeway required concentration to avoid wet feet but even Luis, with a little encouragement from me, managed not to get swept away to Libya.

The girls came out next. Isabella carrying the ball and me the thrower. Neither saw much action. The sea was racing up the rocks which kept me amused whilst I performed my FST.

I rode into Paleochora via Panorama with no stops. Had I been thinking more logically, I would have stopped at EKO to ask Manolis to bring some heating oil. I’d previously spent a few minutes with the DHW boiler to discover it had stopped due to water in its tubes but also from a lack of diesel. I don’t know which came first.

In my absence, Jorma had walked Sasha as I found her collar on the fence. They are awaiting the arrival of Happy which they will care for during the absence of their compatriots who return 23 December, although Johannes leaves early in the morning.

I fed animals and loaded washing into the machine with the German Couple who’ve been here almost a month. I suspect they’ll leave once their month is over.

Georgia was outside T4 on the phone so I went to talk to her. We chatted a while about this and that then I returned to finish off my tea. Meanwhile, Manolis had delivered some heating oil so I tinkered with the DHW boiler until it sorted its life having expelled the inevitable air trapped in the feed lines. A rich aroma of diesel permeated the air.

The dogs were particularly barky and annoying today, probably due to IZO’s presence brought on by Happy’s current fertility. Jorma and Kirsti will need to be mindful of her innocence…

I used the remainder of the time to progress my Φακές for later as well as the doggy rice. I will need to shop tomorrow as the fridge is bare and it’s DD day again.

The day was mostly sunny and warm after the early-morning moisture. It is still incredibly mild and Zöe was talking about going into the sea! But she IS Bulgarian and not Greek which probably explains it. Eventually, she was dragged off by Georgia who had other plans for her. I understand Zoe is having English lessons twice weekly and she’s making progress. We were having an English/Greek conversation with Zoe filling in the missing bits.

Warm and sunny although I fear it will soon get cooler…


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