Crossing Possible

The sky was a lot clearer than the day before so plenty of moonlight for most of the walk. The river was much quieter and shallower than yesterday and some kind soul had bunged some larger rocks to act as stepping stones so I was able to cross with dry feet. Even Luis managed to cross without a trip to Libya!

The girls plus Oskar, who was loitering at the field gate, came on the second walk which ended up with Isabella and Sasha meeting a guy with a Suzuki 4×4 on the beach. He cemented his relationship by offering disgusting sliced, white bread which they were happy to eat. Oskar was not to be left out too. The man has a [big] dog of his own but seemed a little overwhelmed by the pair of them. Isabella swam out after her ball. Sasha had already been swimming of her own volition.

I rode to Paleochora for bread and groceries. There were more members of staff in Petrakis than customers. I had a chat with the Canadian lady on the checkout before setting off for Grammeno.

I fed the dogs and got on with the DDs before making tea for myself. There was also some washing up from last night as the maid was off duty.

I drank my tea and browsed the Internet. I may also have fallen asleep but it was difficult as there were too many doggy distractions due to the presence of Mickey outside T4.

I wandered over to see Kirsti and Jorma following their excursion to Lidl where they purchased 20kg of cat food. Initial surveys suggest the food will be well received however the survey population was quite small as I suspect Georgia is ingratiating herself by providing wet food for the cats. She doesn’t have to feed them all of the time so seems happy to shell out for premium foodl

I had a chat with Maciej as his 5kg gas bottle has run out. I said I’d see what similar-sized bottle is available at Petrakis. It should be simple to swap out the regulators as the rubber pipe is simply clipped on using a jubilee clip. Crimped is better as jubilee clips can work loose. He tells me he plans to return to Poland for two weeks over the Christmas period so was asking about parking charges at the airport.

By the excitement, it would appear that Georgia has been entertaining Eva. Perhaps they are discussing catering arrangements for the coming season.

I’ve created a 22/23 chat group for Grammeno as there appear to be more long-term visitors this year. Some members of the 20/21 group still keep in touch.

The DDs were processed so the dogs are now fed. I’ve opted for the quick-and-easy spaghetti and tomato option this evening together with the daily side of salad not forgetting the olives which I have yet to add.

The weather remains stupidly warm. People are swimming and enjoying the sea, some on a daily basis. There seem to be fewer mosquitoes, at least in the van. Probably helped by the fact all the dogs have a Scalibor collar and the mosquito trap is working 24/7. I’ve not emptied it recently but there was a good crop last time.

Slightly cooler than yesterday but I was overdress with a coat on my ride to Paleochora this morning.


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