Scandinavians Everywhere

I was about to prepare myself to eat my supper when I received a call from reception announcing the arrival of a Norwegian couple. It was after dark so their tour of the camping was quick as I was hungry. I was pleased I hadn’t started eating at that point. They are parked by the restaurant kitchen and plan to take over their neighbour’s place when they leave on Sunday. They are friends of Johannes and Saga, the [other] Finnish couple.

I amused myself with Perry Mason as I sat down to eat. It was then that Georgia called me to say that Martha had kindly prepared some food for me and to collect it from T4. Needless to say, I don’t have to cook tonight.

The sky was particularly clear and starry this morning and the moon shone brightly. It was also quite mild. Our walks went without incident other than Sasha and Oskar going AWOL whilst I was putting the others into the van. Isabella and I walked alone to try to find them to discover them waiting for us when we got back. I put Oskar in the van and took Isabella and Sasha out again for another round of the Promontory taking in the rocks as well. No FST today as I needed to get back for the washing machine and to ride my bike.

Kirsti was the first contender for the machine and then I went out on my bike stopping at EKO and Petrakis in search of a 5kg gas bottle. Neither had one so I returned to the camping in time to empty the machine and feed the animals.

The second machine was after another meeting with Georgia before she goes back to Chania. She’s working on a project at present and requested some input from me (!). The nature of the project will be revealed in the fullness of time should it go ahead.

After meetings and other discussions with customers, there seemed to be little left of the day. We may have moved a little closer to fixing the tap which has been leaking for more than a year and Jorma cleared the greenery blocking the signs to the camping where the Panorama road leaves the main road to Tavronitis. I’m still waiting for metal from Polychronis and spoke to Antonis only a day or two ago. The new awning sides have yet to be ordered but that is another matter.

Isabella and Sasha are busily and energetically entertaining each other on the decking and are now chasing each other madly around the compound like a couple of lunatics. You’d think no one had walked them today.

IZO is a problem as he’s been hanging around Happy for the past few days and nights as she is in season. His motives are anything but honourable. Georgia said she’d contact Manolis to ask for him to be removed from the camping and imprisoned at home for a few days.

With the Norwegian, we now have seven Scandinavians in the the camping once the Finns return that is.

Sunny and warm once more although the wind will change and it will be cooler next week.


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