Too Busy for a Sunday

Other than the Belgian Boudoir, two other cars were parked in the beach car park. Cars here at this time of year at that hour of the morning can only be there for nefarious purposes. I could also see detritus from another car which had been parked on the beach. At least they used condoms but a pity they found it necessary to chuck their rubbish out of the windows!

Something caused great excitement which sent the dogs racing off together. I hauled them all back quite quickly and focused their minds on the task in hand. It was totally calm most of the time we walked up the beach to Plakaki. The river is still full but the sea has closed off the exit so water runs under the stones.

Sasha managed to hurt herself racing over the rocks but I think she will live. She has been a little quieter much of the day.

I’d not managed to contact Mickey about his washing request so went to see him just after eight before I rode into Paleochora. There, I shopped at Petrakis and chatted with Yiannis on one of the tills.

I was back in time to put Frank’s washing in slightly later than 09:30 as he’s having problems with notifications on his phone so didn’t get my message. I had one departure who needed to pay as well as DDs to prepare and another wash after Frank. Despite the activity, I got the DDs on and grabbed some tea before collecting money from the German couple who’ve been here thirty-two nights. They plan to go to Rethymno and then the east of the island.

The remainder of the day disappeared and I got my admin in order as well as some IT jobs for EG deleting old email accounts. The DDs were processed and I enjoyed the sunshine too.


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