Only Ten Years

It was with some difficulty I prised myself from my pit as the wind continued outside. It had been blowing hard much of the afternoon and all night. So keen was I to get up I feel back asleep for a couple of minutes until the dogs started to move about.

At least is was not very cold and there was no rain as we walked across the field towards the beach road. The BB was again the only vehicle in the beach car park. We passed silently by into the comparative shelter of the Promontory.

Walking to Plakaki was not so easy against the wind however, walking back was much easier.

I’d decided it far too windy for riding a bike so took the girls for a slightly extended walk. It was blowing hard so I performed my FST in a more sheltered location than the rocks. Once back, I toured the camping for damage but found nothing obvious.

The cats were lined up so I fed them and then the dogs once I’d done a little clearing up and covering up around the compound. The floor fan had found it’s way onto the ground and there was plenty of rubbish scattered around to take to the bin. I took the bottom out of a couple of broken tomato boxes to extend my composters.

I finally sat and drank some tea with the tent sides flapping around me. The morning was quite noisy as the wind was still strong. Only later did it start to moderate.

No room at the inn. A very surprising situation considering Oskar and Luis are hardly bosom buddies. Fido is far less demanding and is frequently quite close to Isabella who is not really one of his favourites.

I mentioned to Kirsti that Jorma might like to take a look at the van’s rear storage door which has been a poor fit since the dawn of time. I’d made a few attempts at fixing it in the past however someone had used some composition board which had inevitably dropped to pieces once damp.

No time like the present so Jorma and I spent the remainder of the day reconstructing the door reusing materials loafing around. Hardboard from the bottoms of two former large drawers and some timber I was sure would come in useful one day. It’s not completely finished as it was getting dark as well as cold. It’s in position and operational. I’m not sure I’m going to have much use for number plate lights soon anyway.

It was time to feed the dogs who’d made several successful escapes into the camping during all the coming-and-going for tools and materials. None went very far just a quick chase of the cats.

The wind is still blowing hard. I’ve put on my heated fleece as the temperature in the van is around 15ºC. Mick Jagger is on Radio Paradise and my supper is ready.

With a high of 13.8ºC it is the coldest day for some while considering the wind. A bit of a shock to all those who’ve been here assuming the weather is constantly warm and sunny.
I sit there!


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