I’d amused myself with the Battle of the River Plate which I’ve seen countless times but is included with BritBox film collection. Nothing like a good naval battle which was quite numerous at some points!

I almost set off without a coat but was glad I did as the wind was a lot fresher at the end of the Promontory but it was less so as we walked up Alonaki to Plakaki. We had our biscuits and turned back for the Second Circuit. I put the boys in the van just after seven.

The ladies set off again but Isabella was sidetracked by a bone she’d picked up on the beach. I had a spare ball anyway. I completed my FST on the rocks watching the sun rise. There was little wind so it was a very pleasant experience. Both of the girls came to ‘assist’ me in my evolutions and we started to head back to the camping. It wasn’t long before Isabella and Sasha spotted Andreas’ dogs so we returned to the rocks and walked clockwise around the Promontory followed by an additional excursion to Plakaki for the second time. Andreas continued on to Paleochora so I took Isabella and Sasha back to the camping. By now, time was getting on so I didn’t bother with a bike ride, sunny though it was.

Isabella and her ball stayed away until she discovered what I was giving the others.
Meaty sticks form Lidl are too hard to resist. Biscuits maybe…

I released and fed the dogs after going for a shower: the one I didn’t get the previous evening. The water was lovely and hot even though it was from the day before. The tanks keep it warm for quite a while.

I cleared up, made some tea then settled down to enjoy the sunshine and make appropriate seasonal greeting noises to those wishing them.

No one asked for the washing machine unlike last Christmas and I didn’t make a single electricity meter. I managed to check my battery bank to see if the cells were balanced having removed all of the clutter perched on top of it. There was a plan to move the battery but that didn’t get very far as I didn’t have the 18mm socket to loosen the bolts holding the copper connectors between the cells. I need to completely dismantle the battery to check the terminal connections are clean, bright and tight. Perhaps tomorrow…

I used the opportunity to clean the rug which now looks around fifty shades lighter. By now it was time for some food so I fed the dogs their special Christmas Dinner which was exactly the same as they had yesterday and will have tomorrow.

Krimbo ‘22 done and dusted!

Warm and sunny after a beautiful early morning walk


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