Damp Start

We made a quick exit just after 05:30 under a dark and cloudy sky. The various doggy lights were rushing around as is always the case when they first emerge into the vastness of the beach and The Promontory. The BB is still in the car park however, nearby there was another van amongst the trees which line the beach road.

We had a good walk. I found myself alone at one point so called all of the dogs to me. They responded promptly so we were soon on our way to Plakaki and back for the Second Circuit.

Isabella and Sasha came out with two balls and the thrower and we met up with Andreas and his dogs when they arrived at the sandy bit at the end by the rocks. We walked back together discussing food, particularly beans. Andreas has changed his lifestyle for health reasons so is adapting to a different way of life and food choices.

Andreas with his two dogs, Skinny and Obi in the distance

I rode over Panorama and stopped at Petrakis for some fakes and vegetables as it’s DDs tomorrow. It’s also the final shopping day before Christmas however they will be open on Monday with no compensation for the fact Christmas Day is on a Sunday.

The morning was very cloudy and threatening so I wasn’t surprised when there was a little light rain on my journey. The bike needed a wash and perhaps so did I.

I’m not quite sure what I achieved today but I’m certain it was very important. Antonis sent a message to tell me the metal I’d requested should be deposited near the entrance of the camping. I discovered it by the wall opposite Toni’s caravan to find that it was indeed 5cm wide but 3cm square tube not 3mm flat steel. It’s only taken six weeks to send the wrong stuff so about par for the course.

I wandered the camping a little to chat with the punters and ask the Dutchman to keep his dog on the lead when he’s in the camping. What he does outside is of no interest to me although he has been warned of the propensity to shoot first and ask questions later if a dog chases livestock.

The sun came through in the afternoon once the clouds cleared so I was able to generate some electricity. I’ve had the heating on the past couple of evenings.

Georgia and Zoe arrived in the camping with a friend who will stay in T1 next door. Georgia tells me she may have some interesting information to my advantage however it’s early days.

A cloudy and slightly damp start leading to a sunny afternoon much how the forecast had specified.


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