Batteries moved

Cadfael and his crew were after the bones of a Welsh saint which the Welsh were not up for parting with. A double-murder to keep the monk busy. All good clean fun! Even more fun from Spooks although not quite so far-fetched as others although, technically, they’re well ahead of the pack.

The street lights along the beach track are still not working which I think it great as they are unnecessary, polluting and hopelessly inefficient. Without them, I can more easily see where the dogs are and my night vision comes more quickly.

We managed to clear the rocks and get to Plakaki where, despite him reporting in as expected, I managed to lose Obi who wound up with Jorma and Kirsti despite my attempts to find him. Luis seems to manage to turn up at the end which is fine by me so long as he bothers no one. A pity Obi can’t manage without me being on his case.

The girls and I went with the thrower but no ball and we didn’t manage to find one so the thrower just enjoyed the walk. I think the girls did too. It was great to stand on the rocks just after sunrise and perform my FST with the help of Sasha.

We managed to get back just after eight so I was able to push some laundry into the machine before going out to Paleochora to buy bread. I was the only customer in the bakery and Petrakis didn’t appear to be overrun with customers. I hope there were enough to make it worth their while. The ride back was gentle and joyous. It’s Monday so plenty of traffic as people resumed work.

I fed dogs, made tea then emptied the washing machine exchanging mine for Kirsti’s. She decided to follow my example and indulge in a post-Christmas wash. I hung it all up then got on with moving my battery bank having found the correct socket to undo the terminal bolts. It’s the first time it’s been moved since being completed. It was more straightforward than anticipated; the main purpose to get the individual cells off the awning skirt which has been tilting them towards the decking since the van was levelled.

I took the opportunity to clean the cells and ensure they were mostly well balanced. It was just a matter of moving them all forward, putting some slack into the awning skirt and moving them back. But the pack has to be dismantled to do this as the total weight is 160kg and there’s a risk of damaging the terminals. Now, it’s reassembled and clean. I took the opportunity to screw the pieces of timber to the board which goes on top. Jorma came to measure the pack and to think about the design for a metal container with castors which will hopefully incorporate all of the clutter now littering the floor nearby.

We took Isabella, Sasha and Fido for a round-the-block walk in the sunshine. I then prepared their DDs and here we are inside the van. I just received a call from reception from a Danish couple so the Nordic Races are definitely predominant at present. They plan to stay for a day or two so I’ve put them in Maciej’s place as he’s away until January 6.

Slightly cooler than yesterday but still, warm and sunny so perfect weather.


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