RIP Marie-Christine

It was so mild I didn’t even do up my coat as we walked around. Two vans were in the car park and three more scattered along the beach road. It seems to be getting busy along here. A little strange for the time of year but it’s been so mild living in a van isn’t too hard at present.

I kept a close eye on Obi and called all the dogs to me at Plakaki. We’re getting a little lax so a bit of a shake-up is in order I suggest.

I took the girls next and collected up Luis who was halfway down the Promontory as we walked up. He come over the rocks and we went back via the Big Beach. We were crossing the car park when Andreas called Isabella and Sasha to him. He was there with Freddy and his dog. Luis had a great time chasing Freddy’s dog who, although bigger, is quite a Lily-livered beast. Andreas wanted to collect items from the post office so I left Freddy and his dog and took mine back.

I fed the pussies then cycled over Panorama to the bakery and then Petrakis for hand-picked, premium carrots for Kirsti. I also bought some bananas and beans. It was a pleasant ride back in the sunshine looking over a calm sea.

Jorma took Fido and Luis for a walk and I delivered the carrots to Kirsti. I fed the remaining dogs and made tea for myself. I’m not quite sure where the rest of the morning went but I caught up with some admin amongst other things.

I’d rescued a black plastic tomato crate from the road so gathered up and sorted out the stuff scattered around near my loo. Now all residing in the crate hidden behind my chair. I then turned my attention to the loo which is close to requiring emptying as it’s not composting so rapidly as it’s cooler at night. I turned over the content as the stirrer concentrates mostly in the middle. I then cleaned the upper part, changed the fan ports around and turned the loo through 90º. There is space as the clutter which surrounded it is not tidied and relocated. The previous positioning was a little awkward anyway.

Jorma and Kirsti came to walk Isabella and Fido so I took Sasha counterclockwise. As I was about to go onto the beach, Freddy intercepted me to say that he wanted to leave the camping asking for a refund of the 200€ given to me only a couple of days previously. Some people bring joy on their arrival, others on their departure. He plans to join those who are scattered along the road or in the car park which will bring the number to six.

We enjoyed our short walk and I put on the doggy rice and prepared to feed them once it was done. I gave Freddy his refund and showed him where to empty his toilet. I mentioned he could come to the camping for a shower and to use the toilet for a fee of 2€ per shower. He’s such a chatterbox, the news will get round the others in no time. They are camping freely outside so we may as well get something from them even if it’s only 2€ a hit.

I had a call from an unrecognised French phone number to discover that Marie-Christine, who came to the camping in March/April with Timo, her newly-adopted dog, died today. She’d planned to stay in T2 until May inviting various friends to stay. I began to suspect there was a problem when she asked if I could recommend a lung specialist in Chania. She then mentioned an oncologist. I contacted Fanis who made some enquiries and sent information about local oncologists. I suspect Marie-Christine hoped she had a little longer than she did. Her brother and her friend will bring her van to the camping as they have to return to France with her body and deal with the administration. I said I’d look after it until they were ready to deal with it. Marie-Christine was sixty in September…

A mild start to a mostly sunny and warm day


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