There was a northerly breeze so the morning was fresher than of late. The Dutchman had joined the Germans and the BB in the car park. Other vehicles were ranged along the road. It was dark yet starry and we have a little way to go before the moon returns.

We made good time to Plakaki because I kept the dogs moving and together. A quick stop for biscuits and back for the next Promontory circuit then home.

The girls had a quick spin around and over the rocks before I went out on my bike directly to Anatoli and then Petrakis. More customers were there today but it wasn’t busy. My ride back to Grammeno was gentle.

I fed the dogs, the cats had been done earlier. Fido took Jorma for a walk having suffered a couple of false-starts. Jorma had been busy dealing with something on his van.

Litsa asked me to come to help Manolis with a repair to his boat’s fuel tank float sender; the part was beyond reasonable repair so needs replacing. I came away with sixteen ντολμαδάκια which will keep me going for a few days. They are quite a performance to make

I prepared the DDs and then went to put on a wash for Jan, the third this week! He said he’d had exploding children in the night so it was mostly bedding. The wash took a while as there were some heavy items which confounded the spin cycle. We ended up spinning it in three separate loads.

I went to the beach to check out the sliding gates and was assisted by Mickey in their removal and to free up the wheels. The exercise is intended to prevent unwanted dogs and people from entering the camping without authority. Now that Freddy the Dutchman has joined the ranks of the FreeLoaders, his dog is free on the beach so likely to annoy Fritz. The Norwegians said he’d helped himself to one of their cooking utensils. They are now gate monitors until they depart for Athens and then Nepal on Sunday. They might find it chilly in Nepal following the exceptionally mild weather we’re currently experiencing.

I took Sasha for a spin around the block whilst Jorma and Kirsti took Fido and Isabella in the other direction. The Dreaded Dog followed them back to the camping however I ushered him through the gate when I went out with Sasha. I don’t have a problem with the dog as he doesn’t know any better. However, as for the owner…

I’d forgotten to cook some beans for later so did this whilst processing the DDs. This rather delayed the cooking of the Doggy Rice so we’re a little behind schedule at present.

I went for a shower as I knew the water would be hot but could hear Fido making a racket outside. Some oaf had opened the van gate from the outside releasing all within. My fault for not checking the gate was correctly fastened.

I went to change a flexible waste in the kitchen having found some spares in the workshop. Sadly, none of the spares fitted so I’ll pick up a couple in the morning. I need to visit Petrakis as I think they’re shut Sunday and Monday.

Marie-Christine’s friend and brother arrived as they wish to leave her van here while they sort things out in France. The outline plan is to sell the vehicle however I advised they’d have to pay a huge amount of tax if they did it here suggesting they might want someone to take it back to France. They left to get something to eat in Paleochora as they’re staying over in T2, the accommodation which had been reserved for them anyway. Marie-Christine was diagnosed with cancer around six months ago. I understand that recently it had begun to spread over her body which was why she died just after Christmas somewhat sooner than she’d hoped. The new plan is to have someone pick the vehicle up in around a month together with her possessions contained within. I also learned that Timo, her dog had a fatal accident.

The Norwegians had a wash which I gave back to them once the French had left. It’s been a fairly busy day.

There was some light rain late afternoon following a pleasantly warm and sunny morning. Simon’s phone is now ready to hand over to Jean who I understand is due to go into hospital soon for a hip replacement. And she’s only my age!

Sunny and warm with people on the beach and swimming in the sea. Some light rain later.


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