NYE Arrival

I let dogs out at some point during the night and then Isabella around five. I checked the weather and then got up so we were out of the gate at five-thirty.

Yet another vehicle had appeared in the car park but we passed by quickly and disappeared into the darkness, over the rocks and up to Plakaki. Sasha decided to announce our presence the second time round as it’s possible Freddy had briefly let out his dog. We continued our circuit then back to the van. It was before seven as Isabella, Sasha and I went for the second walk.

I decided to go down to Plakaki to avoid passing the vans yet again. That way, there was only one to pass. We made good time to Plakaki as by now, it was light. I left the girls, fed the cat and rode to Paleochora via the electrical/plumbing shop to get a waste for the kitchen sink in the customer kitchen. My next stop was for bread and then back to Grammeno.

I fixed the sink once I’d let Luis in. He’d gone AWOL but we didn’t find him as we went to Plakaki instead of the Promontory. I fed the dogs and read the messages from Kirsti about changing their gas.

I made some tea and relaxed for a while then ventured out into the camping to see if there were signs of life from T2. They were sitting in the sunshine outside T4. We went to check out the van so now I have the paperwork, all of the keys and some groceries left over from their supermarket visit. They tried to make a drone video of the camping but didn’t have a vital connecting cable so made do with photos and some video. Just to give their mother an impression of why Marie-Christine chose Grammeno for her final months. They left for Rethymno and then back to Paris on Tuesday. The van will eventually be collected in the fullness of time.

I rejoined the dogs who’d been abandoned for a while. It was warm and sunny as I may have dozed off in my chair.

I received a call from Romania, a couple and their daughters at Elafonissi. I suggested they come to the camping before going out on the town in Paleochora. I was walking up the beach road when we met as they’d followed the sign to Grammeno which takes you to the beach.

I’d not put on the Doggy Rice so now they’re waiting for it to cook. A noisy motorbike has just been along the beach road where now there is only one van. The German guy in the VW with the elderly dog. I wonder if Freddy and his dog will reappear later or has taken my advice to explore the island and visit Pitsidia and Matala. I’m sure he’d find lots of interesting people there.

I plan to spend NYE raving the night away as usual waking at midnight when the dogs bark at the annual firework extravaganza. There have been a number of preliminary explosions during the day.

Sunny and warm with no wind


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