Business As Usual

In Which We Serve was the highlight of my evening’s entertainment. Noel Coward is still talking very quickly with clipped words; his wife too!

We met Andreas on the second walk. The first was uneventful as Luis found himself tied to a tree when we went to Plakaki. He got his money’s worth as I took him with the girls where we also found Oskar who’d been unavoidably detained. There was a brief disagreement with one of Andreas’ dogs so Isabella is now sporting a cut under her right eye and a little swelling. Isabella wasn’t the instigator so it was good that she should take some incoming and discover she’s not immune.

I went to the bakery and Petrakis as I had DD’s to construct. On my return, I found Jorma and Kirsti waiting at the barrier as someone had closed the padlock. I released them to continue to Lidl to find it still closed due to the Holidays.

I made up the DDs then went into the camping to collect from Jan who will take his family in their Setra bus to Chania and the ferry to Piraeus. They prefer the night crossing as it’s easier with their young boys.

The second departure of the day was the Romanian family who stayed two nights near to the bar. They say they’ll be back again next visit. They rescued a starving dog a while ago. The dog now lives a happy life with them in Romania.

Mickey went into Chania to have a repair to his van but won’t return until Wednesday so he informs me. The camping is looking a little empty right now.

I sorted out the money for December but I understand Georgia doesn’t have plans to visit the camping soon.

Isabella and Fido had a quick walk around the block with Kirsti and Jorma later. I took Sasha a little later. 2023 gets off to a gentle start.

Sunny and warm. The forecast is stable for the next few days.


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