More Finns!

I watched Bosch and then the final episode of The Wire which nicely wrapped up the series. I finished off the evening with a short documentary or two.

Only two vans in the beach car park and one along the beach road. It was exactly 05:30 as we left so most of the dogs managed to return to the van just before seven. Luis, who’d not been seen was there however Oskar didn’t come return until I’d brought the girls back after their walk.

I rode into Paleochora and stopped at the tobacconist to get a top up code for my phone. I’d tried to top up using a card or PayPay earlier but to no avail. A 15€ code buys a suitable package which something left over for taxes and the occasional international text. So long as I can top it up, I don’t care!

The post office was my next appointment where I found the postman behind the counter. He immediately handed my parcel over after I’d paid the 8€ charge for duty or whatever excuse to import into the EU from UK. I passed Jorma and Kirsti on the way back to the camping. Going on their regular pilgrimage to Lidl.

There was a wash to put on for the Lithuanians and I took my large adjustable wrench to Johannes so that he could change his gas bottle.

I had a long chat with Matthew and a shorter one with Richard from Inter Sport. It was time to put on the Doggy Rice whereupon Jorma came to take out Fido.

I was just about to feed the dogs when I received a call from reception from a Finnish man on his own. He’s now down by the sliding gates opposite the kitchen.

It was a quiet, sunny day. Now we have six Finns on the camping outnumbering other countries by far!

Warm and sunny


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