Exploding Dog

Cadfael helped to solve a complicated murder and then Wycliffe almost too.

Around two, there was an explosion as I was unable to wake up in time to release Luis to explode outside. He’d annoyed everyone by throwing up and then eating it again. Very tidy of him. Growling at any other dog interested in stealing his puke was too annoying.

At two, I cleared up what I could see and mopped out the area adjacent to the door. It was only in the morning I saw the extent of the doggy misadventure. I took the hose into the van and dismantled the doggy gate. It was not pretty but it’s been a while since a similar occurred. Luis seems well again…

I was less than enthusiastic about getting up when the alarm sounded as I wasn’t able to get back to sleep until I was warm having got cold mopping out.

Luis went out on the lead and was tied to a tree to save him wandering off. The others walked their usual route and Luis joined Isabella and Sasha on the next one. This time off the lead. Keeping track of three dogs in the light is a different story to seven in darkness.

I went to the bus station to collect my new BMS (Battery Management System) It protects the battery and individual cells by preventing excessive charge/discharge, over/under voltage and current as well as temperature. It’s been a couple of years so this model has a different socket for the cell balancing connections so I spent a happy afternoon soldering and crimping all of the sensor wires to the new connector. The BMS is now online although I’ve yet to connect to it via my phone to reconfigure it if required. Not too urgent yet good to have.

Petrakis was not too busy so Yiannis had time to show me his brand new plugin-hybrid electric four-wheel-drive Jeep. Starting at 50k it seems very nice. There’s a petrol motor to drive the front wheels and two electric motors to drive the rear.

Kirsti took Isabella for a walk and, later, Jorma took Fido. Sasha didn’t get another walk as I was still busy tidying up and getting the DDs underway.

Warm and sunny although slightly cooler than yesterday


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