Gone Crazy

I set my alarm a little earlier so as to get some beans in before the DDs needed to be cooked. We left about the same time for our walk with Luis on the lead once more. He was left tied to his personal tree whilst we walked the rest. I picked him up and brought him out with the girls where he kept up well.

I went to Paleochora with no stops as I bought bread and groceries yesterday. Another fine day as I rode back along the cycle path.

I fed the animals and put the DDs on to cook before sitting down for some tea and the first phone call of the day. A couple with a baby who will be put in T3. Not long after, I had a call from Inter Sport in Lewes about their new POS (Point Of Sale) equipment. We finally worked out the problem after a while on the phone.

The next call was from an English woman with four children who lives on the north coast around two-hours drive from Grammeno. She wanted to go away for the holiday weekend as the children are back to school on Monday. She’d not visited the camping before so I needed to explain what accommodation was available. At first she seemed to think she’d be on her own with the children but now her husband will join her. They will take T5 and Ξ2 as there’s not really room for six in one space. She and her husband may take Ξ2 and leave the children to get on with it!

This presented a problem as none of these have been cleaned since the end of the main season although they are made up and ready to go. I called Bona at work with her tomatoes to give her the happy news. She agreed to come tomorrow to finish off but came in after work to get T3, T5 and Ξ2 ready for tomorrow. I helped her a little by providing moral support and sweeping the decking areas. She was unaware that Toni had gone to Albania as she wanted him to get some papers for her.

There were two arrivals in vans. Two women who have put themselves near to the kitchen and bathrooms. I shall be on the go tomorrow as I have three arrivals for the weekend.

I learned today from Bona that Sasha’s birthday is 30 January. She said that CoVID is rife in Kountoura with many unwell. Probably XBB.1.5

A slight breeze early but transforming to a sunny, warm day. I understand the Lithuanians and Finns swim every morning!

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