I was awake and out of bed before the alarm so I could get the dogs walked and ahead of the day. Luis met his tree then came out with the girls for a more energetic walk where he could be off the lead.

I went into Paleochora passing EKO which was open as was the bakery. Fortunate, as I needed to buy bread!

I released and fed the animals and made tea before getting ahead with the arrivals and putting on the first wash of the day. Altogether, there were two washes from the ladies.

My first arrival was the people in T1 so I showed them their accommodation and left them to it. The second arrival was a Greek family with two children and a tent. I showed them some possibilities but they finally chose the beach under the trees. The couple with friend and baby in T3 arrived next. They were here in October and are quite regular visitors. They stayed in T3 the last visit.

I emptied the machine and put on another load for the ladies then enjoyed a slight pause. Bona arrived telling me there was someone at reception where I discovered a German couple with a caravan and 4×4. They have a rescued dog and are down next to the gate and the restaurant. I reminded them that, as the winter is so mild, they may consider protection for their dog.

Hot on their heels was the family of six in their large car. They have three sons and a daughter. I suggested they might all fit in T5 but showed them Ξ2 in case they needed it. I think they will probably just take T5 and pack them all in. Obvious competition for the ‘bunk’ bed. I left them to sort it all out.

The camping is getting fuller and there is one more arrival from Poland as Maciej returns. I’ve warned the ladies there might be a late night arrival.

We also have more dogs, some of which are quite young. More potential for excitement.

The forecast for the weekend it good so they should have some fun. Tuesday might be a little wet.

Some cloud which blotted out the full moon this morning followed by a short period of very light rain. Otherwise warm and sunny as is the trend.
The same day in 2019. The white is hail and not snow. It was 5ºC! Today’s high was 20.2ºC


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