Quieter Day

Around three, Sasha decided I’d been asleep too long so clattered around until I eventually let her out. I asked her to be quick as I stood in the doorway and she was quick to return, fortunately. She still had ants in her pants so I was getting out of bed before the alarm even sounded.

The moon was bright as the sky was cloudless as we walked down The Promontory. Luis was accompanying me to meet up with his tree but seemed a little less enthusiastic today. We picked him up on the way back to the van where he waited as I put the others inside. He joined the girls on their walk where we met Andreas and his dogs. Andreas was able to see that Isabella had recovered well from her eye infection. We were a little later back so Fido was anxious he might miss out on his walk with Jorma but he need not have worried. Fido failed to mention his pre-breakfast snack when he returned just in time for his breakfast.

I made some tea and sat down to enjoy the morning. I’d emptied the bins earlier so deserved a little rest and tea. It wasn’t long before I received a call from reception where I found a converted Mercedes horse box. I assumed there was a family of ten within so was surprised when I discovered the occupant was alone. With the size of the vehicle, the available parking spaces are limited especially when the camping is quite busy as it is now. Once I learned he planned to stay at least one month I became more enthusiastic about getting his van in. After some shunting and tying back of some branches, he managed to eventually get into the bay occupied by a similarly large vehicle the previous season.

I had been in the middle of dealing with my composting facility. It is only one month since I last emptied it which is far less than back in the summer. The facility lives outside on the decking so is now enjoying lower temperatures than the first foray into the new loo regime back in August. Composting is temperature-dependent so works better when the weather is warmer.

The remainder of the day was taken up with walking Sasha in the opposite direction to Fido and Isabella. Soon after, having put the doggy rice into the Pot, I joined Jorma, Kirsti and Fido for a cup of green tea.

Mostly sunny with occasional cloudy intervals.

Fido struggling to adjust to not having to compete with six other dogs.


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